Verne Matimel


First Appearance "So Long, Farewell, Good Riddance"
Alias Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Kuravia, Coven of Dusk, Illverk
Race Human
Class Magister
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Verne Matimel is a side character in Thrilling Intent. He appears in The Adventure Began, Wizard High School, The Village of Corpses and BIG WAR.

History Edit

The Adventure Began Edit

Markus meets Verne while fending off the golems in the Aeos Farm. They exchange taunts and Verne ends up sacrificing his apprentice to make all the rabid golems pursue the sorcelock as a sort of trial. He leaves after Gregor appears, introducing himself to Markus first and promising they will continue the trial another time.

Wizard High School Edit


Village of Corpses Edit

In the finale in The Village of Corpses (Halloween event 2015), Verne appears to have been using necromancy experiments in the basement of the Manor. In one case, Verne created a Frankenstein inspired monster that had the strength of many men. He is slightly saddened by the fact that Markus doesn't recognise him (even though he was wearing a mask at the time) and lets the group leave afterwards. (more to be expanded on)


Verne is recruited by Markus Velafi's Conga Line For Peace, and provides skeletal support on the battlefield. He later semi-dies to one of Kyrlos' crossbow bolts, and becomes a semi-lich (legs only). He appears to have moved to the shrouded isles after the war is concluded.

Appearance Edit

Verne has grayed, shoulder-length - and greasy - black hair. His eyes appear black. In "So Long, Farewell, Good Riddance", he wears a hooded cloak with the hood off. In "Wizard High School Part 2", he wears the robes of the Dusk coven.

Personality Edit

Verne is malicious in nature, not caring much about the safety of others. He seems to enjoy partaking in duels of wit, however.

Above all, the main focus of his actions appears to be magic, as he's quite keen to take any opportunity to discover more about it. He also favours speaking with other magic-users over those that don't use magic. He seems to think himself and other magicians as higher than simple fighters and commonfolk.

Abilities Edit

Not much is known about Verne's abilities, as he has used few spells during his appearances. He can turn into a puff of smoke and supposedly teleport in this way. He can also shoot skeletons from his sleeves.

He has the capability of some necromancy and possibly a magic-like fume barrier.

In "So Long, Farewell, Good Riddance", he attempted to cast a spell on Gregor, though it didn't work. It's unknown what it was supposed to be and why Gregor was able to resist it.

During the BIG WAR, Verne showed his ability to summon a seemingly endless supply of Skeletons, as well as protect himself in his "Bone Bunker", which was strong enough to withstand Kyrlos' spirit bolts. 

He also has the ability to resurrect himself which he demonstrated during the BIG WAR. He confided that he was now a Semi-Lich to Markus.

Trivia Edit