First Appearance "Can't Quit When You're Just a Head"
Alias Big stupid sevred golem head, the Progenitor Golem
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Altreia, The Varyndir Order, Golems
Race Golem (Progenitor)
Class Unknown
Eye Colour None
Hair Colour None
Age Over 1000
Birthday Unknown

Varyndir is a side character in The Adventure Began. It is the progenitor of all Altreian golems.

History Edit

Varyndir is the first golem ever created in Altreia and its creation marks the beginning of the Silk Age. According to Captain Aftin, this was over a thousand years ago.

Varyndir used to be in the king's presence, but was ordered to be cut to pieces by his generals because of its irritating personality. They could not break the head, as evidenced by the cracks on it, so they simply hid it away.

Later, prior to the events of The Adventure Began, Altreia fell into turmoil, its lesser royalty fighting for the rule. The paladin Order of Varyndir was tasked with finding the head, which they did some time after, however, their leader, Captain Aftin, lied to the government so that the Order would keep on recieving funds for the quest. They would use this money for their own ends - mostly for alcohol.

The Adventure Began Edit

Varyndir is found by the group with the help of Buddy and Colfus in a dungeon sealed by the paladins. It is returned to the Order and teleports to the capital of Altreia along with the paladins. Subsequently, it chose Aftin as king.

Personality Edit

Throughout the arc, Varyndir is described as annoying, obnoxious and irritating. Upon being found by the group, it appears to be extremely talkative and bubbly, which are traits that could certainly become annoying should you be around it a lot.

Varyndir finds a kindred spirit in Markus, as they are both quite extroverted and optimistic with a good dash of confidence.