Spell characters by framedodge-d8vm89y

First Appearance SPELL Livestream
Alias Fashion
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Z-Wing, The World Government
Race Human
Class Speaker
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark brown
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Vachon is a member of the Z-Wing Squad and appeared in the SPELL Livestream. She is played by Fae.

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Sweet Air: A permanent spell-she uses it for cool aerial tricks. Can freshen the air.

Snp-Into: Snaps into a position.

Peter Trots: A permanent spell which allows her to summon a small man named Peter to trot about.

Toxik: Makes toxic.

What-Are: What even?

In me:


Mr. Better Axe: A better axe than Krista's.

Emerge in:

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  • Vachon was inspired by the legend of the Wendigo.

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