• Please make sure to check your spelling and grammar before submitting your edits.
  • The first sentence of every page must start with the bolded title of the page and it must be a short description of whatever the page is describing.
  • Lists of characters, items, etc. should be in bullet lists.
  • In general, all pages that can contain an image should. If you feel an image would help illustrating an article, please add one.
  • Any information not taken from the video series must be Referenced.
  • If you are unsure about an edit, please contact an Admin.

  • Episode pages must contain a short summary, a longer synopsis, trivia containing details from the episode and a quotes section containing 1-5 memorable quotes.
  • The episode infobox (Infobox quest) must be filled out with correct information. Its image must be the episode's thumbnail, sized 250px.

  • Character pages must contain a backstory section, a description of the character's outfit(s), personality and their relationships with other characters they've interacted with, a trivia section and a small gallery (or a link to the character's gallery, should they have too many images). A quote characteristic of the character may be added to the top of the page, using the template 'Quote'.
  • The character's infobox (Infobox new) must be filled out with correct information. Its main image must be added to tab 1, titled 'Normal'. Any other, less frequent outfits/appearances of the character may be added to the other tabs. As the canon appearances of charcaters are when they face left, the infobox image should also feature the character facing left. Please note that in order for the image to display correctly, it must be typed in this form: 'File:Image_name.png'.

  • The characters in the 'Main characters' category are static - please do not add nor remove any.
  • Characters that have appeared in more than one arc belong in the 'Side characters' category. All others belong in 'Minor characters'.
  • Characters from streams have a separate category (e.g. 'SPELL characters') and can be added to another if they appear in the main series.
  • Please contact an Admin before making a new category and make sure to check whether there already is a similar category.

  • Images should be in the highest quality that is possible.
  • The name of an image should be at least somewhat related to its actual contents.
  • This is not an image-hosting website. Please do not upload any images unrelated to Thrilling Intent.
  • Only official art (including art made by Jackson that isn't featured in the series - e.g. from his twitter) is allowed.
  • You may only replace/remove an image if it does not conform to the guidelines above.

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