If you're gonna rob someone, you might as well frown at them.


Thog floral

Thog shirtless

First Appearance "Idiot, Devil, Drunkard"
Alias Wizard Dan the Wizard Man
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Affiliations Alaran, Moren, Meadshire, Nine Shrines Adventure Agency
Race Human
Class Rogue
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Birthday [REDACTED]

Thog is a main character in Thrilling Intent and a member of Nine Shrines Adventure Agency.

Backstory Edit

Very little is known about Thog's past, aside from the fact that he used to be a street thug who wrote poetry. He was working as the regional director of Meadshire #7 when he first hired Markus Velafi to deal with a monster problem.

Appearance Edit

Tall, with black, slicked back hair, and black, "lifeless, dead fish eyes." He wears a white shirt with an upright collar, a black vest and black pants, and two silver bracelets. When it's not in Ashe's possession, he carries a gun at his hip.

His torso is covered in a large amount of scars that look to be inflicted from varied sources.

He speaks in a drawling monotone and rarely smiles.

Personality Edit

His conscience may have grown withered from misuse, but Thog's not necessarily a bad person at heart. He does the best he can to help the people and ideas that he favors, but isn't above hurting people to get what he needs.

He considers himself to be more artistically inclined than most, a somewhat surprising fact since he's never seen engaging in creative acts, although he has mentioned doing street art and reading from plays in his days as a street thug.

Abilities Edit

Thog is a powerful brawler, capable of fighting several opponents at once.

Thog has also demonstrated amazing stamina, as during the Big War arc he fights off numerous Ban ambushes for several days as he looked for Ashe.

Thog carries around a 1967 Thompson-Center Contender which he rarely uses.

Relationships Edit

Moren Edit

Moren is an old friend of Thog's. They met when they were both street thugs.

Ashe Edit

Thog doesn't mind Ashe. He finds her the most tolerable out of the members of the Nine Shrine. Thog and Ashe didn't get along very well in the beginning, but as time progressed, Thog and Ashe have found some new respects for each other. They also seem to care for each other quite a bit. It is most noticeable in the arc 'Everything is on Fire' when Ashe asks Markus and Gregor if Thog was okay due to his mushroom poisoning and hallucinations when she left off on her thinking adventure.

Markus Edit

Thog and Markus have a strong friendship despite the rocky start to their relationship, where Thog remarked that he would be willing to kill several acquaintances in order to save Markus when they met back up during the Big War arc.

Gregor Edit

Thog is fond of Gregor, remarking that he considers Gregor worth more than the entire continent of Onorhant.

Karen Edit

Karen is Thog's former boss. They maintain a civil accord despite an apparent tension between them.

Trivia Edit

  • Thog was meant to be a minor NPC and was not planned to appear after the first arc. Somehow he worked his way into becoming part of the main cast.
  • His most valued possessions are his silver bracelets, his pocketwatch, and his gun.
  • "Thog" is not his actual name, though it's unsure what it might actually be - a single reference has been made to it in the series, and it's been discussed in streams and emails.
  • His gun is a 1967 Thompson-Center Contender.[1]
  • At one point before the events of Meadshire Thog was, in Moren's words "a sneering asshole but a passionate one".
  • Thog also wrote poetry, did a column for an Alarani newspaper, street art, and dancing before Meadshire. He was apparently extremely serious with all hobbies he kept.[2]
  • Thog is a licensed reverend.
  • Thog has dealt with depression for his entire life [3]


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