The Varyndir Order
Location Doonlayan, Altreia
Leader(s) Captain Aftin
Goals Retrieve the head of Varyndir
The Varyndir Order is a paladin order from Altreia. It plays a major role in The Adventure Began arc.

History Edit

The Order was founded with a holy quest in mind; the paladins were to embark on a journey to find the head of Varyndir, the progenitor golem, which was hidden away a thousand years ago. This was in response to the power struggles in Altreia, as the land was sovereignless. Varyndir, when found, was to choose a mortal that is most fit to be ruler of Altreia and end the conflicts.

The leader of the Order, Captain Aftin, found the head, but had different plans. The Order was getting funds from the Altreian government and as he would like it to stay that way, he pretended the paladins are still in search of it. To complete the lie, he also bought Alarani slaves to 'employ' as apprentices, including Ashe, Gregor and Markus.

They returned the head with the help of Aftin's golem Buddy and paladin Colfus. The members of the Order then teleported to the capital of Altreia, presumably to let Varyndir decide on the new sovereign. Colfus, wanting to reinstate the Order, stayed behind.

Notable members Edit