The Shrouded Isles (arc)
First EP "High Tides, Higher Tempers"
Last EP "Group Huddle"
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Kier, Thog, Dont, Kyl'il, Orien
The Shrouded Isles is the third storyline arc of Thrilling Intent. The first episode and a part of the second one take place on Thog's ship, the rest on the various islands of the Shrouded Isles.

Plot Summary Edit

The three get a new contract from Thog; they must kill a monster that is blocking Alaran's tradeways. Things get complicated as the very same monster crashes the ship.

They wash up dead on the Shrouded Isles - the island of Ishir specifically - and find out they can bypass death via the use of special bells. On Ishir, they find out the monster is actually a god of death, and has been causing trouble to the residents of the Isles, who call themselves spiritfolk. It nests in its shrine, far from Ishir, and they cannot swim to it, since getting eaten by the god means death with no return.

With the help of Kier, a genius inventor who is the only remaining human on the Isles, they reach the island of Kinir and consult a fire spiritfolk who first gives them a task so that they prove she can trust them. They complete it and she gives them the Light of Shrouds to guide them through the Prison of Lights, where an extremely dangerous spiritfolk is bound. The Prison, however, leads to the death god's shrine. As it's either that or waiting for a week, the trio and Kier head there.

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The Shrouded Isles (arc)
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