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The Shrouded Isles (formerly Grius) is a small chain of islands in The Free Isles and home to many Spiritfolk, including Charoth, Dont, and Kyl'il.

History Edit

Two thousand years or so ago, humans and spiritfolk across the island remained at war. While the Warlord wished to remain at war, the other spirits sought peace, and they were bound to the Prison of Lights by a human.

500 years later, The Shrouded Isles became an Alarani colony. It later gained its independence and was known as the nation of Grius. Various Alarani mages also organised spiritfolk-killing raids; this is how the term 'godslayer' came to be, used to describe humans who can wield arcane magic.

Naturally, the native spiritfolk did not stand for this and conflicts arose, often times resulting in numerous deaths on both sides. However, humans eventually gained dominance and established Grius.

Some time after, a grecian mage rebelled against one of the deities his people came to worship, Charoth. This was because the next child to be sacrificed to the god was the mage's son, whom we know as Kyr Fiore. He managed to return Charoth to his wisp form, but his 'dying' shriek summoned creatures of ink, which rampaged across Grius, killing all its populace. Though separated, the father and son were the only surviving humans.

The mage could not bring himself to kill Charoth completely, even though he had the means - the iconoclasm spell. Eventually, as his reincarnation cycle progressed, the spiritfolk grew attached to him and stayed with him. Over the years, the mage raised Charoth as a son, until before the events of The Shrouded Isles (arc), when he felt his life coming to an end[1].

The Shrouded Isles (arc) Edit

Culture Edit

Before Grius, spiritfolk worship was common, the most influential gods being the Nine of the Nine Shrines, including Charoth and the Fox-King. The paths to their shrines were connected by the Nine Shrines Bar, but throughout the years, five of them were destroyed.

In the initial Alarani invasion, Charoth was spared by the godslayers and even given sacrifices, as his followers gained prolonged life.[2]

Despite the islands' scattered geography, Grius' culture used to be mostly uniform, with different islands serving different purposes. Being an Alarani colony, Grius possibly retained many of its cultural aspects and its language. The spiritfolk of the Isles have their own language, Ishtolen.

Spiritfolk Edit

Spiritfolk are the original denizens of the Isles. They are often described as deities, since many of them possess deiform powers. See main article Spiritfolk.

Known islands Edit

Ishir Edit

A group of spiritfolk live in a village on this island, including Dont. Kyr also has his house here.

Tesir Edit

Kyr grew up on this island. Xandal lives in a pond near his family house.

Kinir Edit

This island used to be the hub of Grius.[3] Many wisps float about it. Kyl'il has made her home here.

Azhel Edit

This island has been used as a prison ever since the Prison of Lights became unusable. Orien, the spiritfolk Warden, oversees it. A human Warden used to also reside here, but there had not been anyone befitting the title in 500 years.

Talthir Edit

The island where Grius' theatre stage and abandoned brothel lie. Rat lived here during the events of Deck of Disaster.

Nine Shrines Edit

A series of shrines for the former deities of the Shrouded Isles can be found here, as well as the Nine Shrines Bar, though all the patrons of them save Charoth have since left. Five have fallen into disrepair, leaving only four that can be reached.

The only known shrines are that of Charoth, and the Fox-King, including her mansion and villa.

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