The Outriders
A member of the Outriders, supposedly Aryn, wearing a shield with the Outriders' logo on it.
Location The Free Isles
Leader(s) Ventis (former)
Goals To slay monsters.
The Outriders were a famous band of monster hunters in The Free Isles, hailing from Renalan.

History Edit

Much of the Outrider's history is currently unknown. However, most of the Outriders are said to be dead, with Gregor and Aryn being the only known surviving members - as such, the group is considered disbanded.

It has been implied that the group's execution may have been at the hands of a church or king.[1] This was later confirmed in The Calm Part 2, where Gregor states that The Church was responsible.

Notable Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Outriders appear to brand their members - Gregor is seen with an Outriders symbol branded on his chest.[2]
  • The Outriders seem to take in orphaned children as recruits, especially those whose parents died from a monster attack.[3]
  • According to Gregor, they signed blood contracts every week.

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