The map of the Free Isles

The Free Isles are the larger setting of the campaign. They encompass a number of individual territories, each with its own unique quirks.

The countries of The Free Isles Edit

Alaran Edit

Located in the north west, Alaran is where the journey begins. The party spends The Adventure Begins and Incorpageddon in Meadshire #7, a town on a small island off the coast of Alaran.

Altreia Edit

Land of paladins and golems, Altreia is a large nation in the south west. The party spends much of The Adventure Began here.

Kuravia Edit

The northern portion of an island in the east. The Wizard High School arc takes place here.

Meathe Edit

A small island, located near Alaran. Ashe originated from this island.

Onorhant Edit

The southern half of the same island as Kuravia. Romance of the Four Clans and The Gods Are Gone take place here.

The Shrouded Isles Edit

A small chain of islands located between Alaran and Altreia. Home to many spiritfolk and location of the party's main base of operations, the Nine Shrines Bar. The arcs The Shrouded Isles, The Prison of Lights, and Dealing with Death take place here, as does the Halloween Special, Tax Day, and some of the Deck of Disaster arc.

Relations to the rest of the world Edit

It has been hinted that the Isles are somewhat different from the rest of the world of Thrilling Intent.

The Free Isles
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