The Adventure Began
First EP "Hard Times, Hard Crimes"
Last EP "So Long, Farewell, Good Riddance"
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Thog, Captain Aftin, Buddy, Instructor Tiller, Varyndir, Colfus, Sir Dunstan, Verne
The Adventure Began is the second storyline arc of Thrilling Intent. The first and second episode take place in Alaran, the rest in Altreia.

Plot Summary Edit

The trio are sold off to The Varyndir Order as apprentice paladins on a holy quest to find the head of Varyndir, the progenitor golem, so it can tell them who should be king of Altreia. They find it with the help of a golem they name Buddy and a paladin named Colfus and return it to the Order.

In the process, Gregor is gravely wounded. Ashe uses Aeos, divine energy from a nearby farm to heal him while Markus meets the man behind the rabid golems in the area, Verne Matimel, and becomes the target of the rogue golem army. The group make their escape on a boat with Thog, who steers them towards his ship.

Trivia Edit

  • Markus reaches level 3, Ashe level 4 and Gregor level Yay (3) in this arc.
  • This arc is commonly referred to, both by the fans and The Third Wheel, as "the Golem Arc".
The Adventure Began
"Hard Times, Hard Crimes" - "Message in a Bottle Episode" - "We Don't Need No Accountability" - "Your Party Won't Stop? We can help." - "Can't Quit When You're Just a Head" - "Two Down, One to Go" - "Let's Play House, Let's Play Doctor" - "So Long, Farewell, Good Riddance"
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