First Appearance "Premium Adventure"
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Meadshire
Race Human (pre-corruption)
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Unknown
Hair Colour Unknown
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Thaddius is the adventurer who won the Drum of the Destroyer. He is a major antagonist in The Adventure Begins.

History Edit

Thaddius was a human seeking adventure in Meadshire. After delivering the final blow to the Pigbat King - the proudest moment of his life - he was given the Drum of the Destroyer by the management of the facility, who thought it was useless.

It is supposed either the Drum corrupted him afterwards, forcing him into subservience, or he chose to serve the monstrosity willingly. However it was, he turned into a ghoulish creature and started to kill adventurers in Meadshire, using their innards to fill the Drum in order to summon the eldritch monstrosity with which it was bound.

He was killed by Gregor in "Just Dessert".

Appearance Edit

It is unknown what Thaddius looked like before the Drum fell into his hands. Afterwards, he appears as a ghoul-like creature with what is described as 'soft, mushy flesh' and black blood. He wears a cap, which may have been left over from his human times.

Abilities Edit

The Drum is Thaddius' main weapon, though he appears to be able to rip people open with his bare hands, as he carries no other weapon. He is also able to run at an extremely high speed. Using the Drum, he has the ability to control dead bodies and compel living beings to do his bidding. With it, he can also create a shockwave, which appears to stun anyone around it as well as making them nauseous.

Weaknesses Edit

Thaddius appears to be startled when magic is used; namely, when Markus cast Enlarge Person on Gregor, he ran away, mumbling something about an awful smell. His flesh also appears to be extremely easy to cut through.