Tears of a Machine
Video Link Youtube
Stream Date February 27, 2016
Stream Length 3:59:27
GM Faust
Guests None
Appearing characters Lancaster Brisbane,

Sanc Fleur, Frederick Agosto, Rosetta Stones,

Location "We Are A Good School"

The Tears of A Machine livestream was hosted on February 27, 2016. It features Faust as the GM, with the rest of The Third Wheel members as players.

Synopsis Edit

The Pins At the Poles Edit

Four new students, Lancaster Brisbane, Sanc Fleur, Rosetta Stones, and Frederick Agosto, come to W.A.G.S (We Are a Good School) with the primary goal of piloting giant robots. With everyone failing the aptitude test, (Fredrick flat out refusing to take it to begin with) the physical and robot tests await the them. From there, no one knows.

Cast Edit

The Pins At the Poles Edit

Lancaster Brisbane "Bread/Fred Thunder"- Scrawny. Wiry muscle. Medium length blonde hair. Master of "anime screams." First (and only) to go berserk. Played by Matt.

Sanc Fleur - Tall, gangly. Fiercely multicolored hair (probably due to improperly dyed hair). Played by Jay.

Frederick Agosto- Grizzly. Has a large scar down his left cheek. Dies upon touching his robot, which Lancaster then takes control of in his honor. Played by Jackson.

Curt Walrus Musk- (the commissioner) the professor. Takes Lancaster's bread.

Rosetta Stones- "The rival." A daughter of the family that founded WAGS.

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