Spells are the results of magic. They can do any variety of things, and are listed in their entirety here.

Divine Edit

Arcane Edit

General Spells Edit

  • Eldritch Blast - a ball of dark, chaotic energy
  • Enlarge/reduce person
  • Mend
  • Detect magic/pilfering/wood/poison/evil
  • "Eyebeams" - a force of golden energy produced from the eyes
  • Shadow-weaving - sculpting shadows into more solidified objects
  • Windy Escape - a spell that allows one to dissipate into mist
  • Gust of Wind
  • Inferno
  • Mage Hand

Wild Magic Edit

  • Demonic effect #11 (behemoth skeleton hammer fist) creates a skeleton arm from a giant crack in the earth
  • Spell effect #34 (Small Confused Fat Man) - Summons a small, confused fat man
  • Infernal Spell Effect #35 (Festival of a Thousand Sparrows) - Creates a swarm of birds that explode into fireworks.
  • Demonic Effect #45 (Fluttering Yellow Tree Cannon) - Creates a fluorescent yellow tree trunk above target. Trunk later dissolves into numerous butterflies.
  • Demonic Effect #44 Gamma - Sexy Demon Scissor Slicer

Sorceries Edit

Sorceries are general specialties of certain sorcerers - while they possess other spells and abilities, it is often for these they are most well-known and proficient.

Metamagic Edit


"Warp Ctrl" - Krista's permanent, warps an object and part of the surrounding objects. Very difficult to control.

"Wood murder"



"Rev time" - Chriel's permanent.


"Peter Trots" - Later made Vachon's permanent.

"Sweet Air" - Vachon's permanent.

"Mr Better Axe" - Later made Vachon's permanent.

"What Are"

"Send Home"


"Emerge In"

"Sewer Net"

"halp him"

"portal pls open"

"mu a"

"snp n to"

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