Sir Dunstan

Sir Dunstan

First Appearance "Can't Quit When You're Just a Head"
Alias General Golem
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Altreia, The Varyndir Order, Golems
Race Golem
Class Unknown
Eye Colour None
Hair Colour None
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Sir Dunstan is a side character in The Adventure Began and BIG WAR. He is a General Golem that guarded the head of Varyndir and now accompanies Colfus.

History Edit

It is unknown who made Sir Dunstan. He was created alongside other General golems to guard Varyndir from any who may want to take it from the dungeon.

The Adventure Began Edit

Sir Dunstan appears conveniently right after Varyndir mentions him and does battle with the group, gravely wounding Gregor. His body parts are forced apart by a sphere of unstable matter created by Markus and he is left there when the group run away with Varyndir's head.

In "Let's Play House, Let's Play Doctor", it is revealed Colfus reassembled him, ergo the golem now follows his lead. Sir Dunstan then helps the group get Gregor to the Aeos farm where Ashe can heal him.

At the end of the arc, after the group escape the farm, pursued by a rabid golem army, him, Colfus and Thog's two thugs are last seen fighting the incapacitated giant golem as Ashe, Gregor, Markus and Thog leave Altreia on a boat.


Personality Edit

Being a Silk Age golem, Sir Dunstan posesses emotions and is notably lively and energetic, even in a fight.

After Colfus repairs him, he appears to be quite jovial and amicable, and seems to have a penchant for loud singing. He also seems to be a bit of a show-off, even posing to Gregor as the group departs from Altreia's shores.

Sir Dunstan and Gregor have developed a very friendly relationship despite the latter being on the brink of death because of the golem.

Abilities Edit

Sir Dunstan is shown to have multiple sword-bearing arms in his chestplate and is therefore able to deliver his attacks extemely rapidly. He can also leap and dash great distances. As all golems, he has super-strength, able to carry great loads and smash through solid objects.

He appears to have some sort of magic-absorbing shoulder pads, as Markus' Eldritch Blasts didn't affect him in any way.

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