Video Link WITH COOL FRIENDS! (Youtube)

Cloudly Wanderers (Youtube)

Stream Date WITH COOL FRIENDS!- March 26, 2016

Cloudly Wanderers- May 18. 2016

Stream Length WITH COOL FRIENDS!- 4:10:02

Cloudly Wanderers- 2:48:13

GM Jay
Guests James,


Appearing characters WITH COOL FRIENDS!:

Joe Kanji, Yayoi, Yava, Irdrabell, Xeron,

Cloudly Wanderers: Joe Kanji, Yayoi, Qwithp, Saito,

The Ryuutama livestreams, (Mar 26, 2016 and May 18, 2016) features The Third Wheel and guests Shogun and James.

Golden Sky Stories: The Bookbinders, marks the start of a new campaign featuring a trifecta of systems: Golden Sky Stories with its focus on role playing and rewarding players for good role play with "dream bucks," Ryuutama with its more traditional stat and dice roll system, and TENRO BANSHO ZERO with its insane combat. This campaign features the Third Wheel with both Golden Sky Stories character with new and old Ryuutama characters.

Synopsis Edit


Our story begins at the white house, build by Ariarc and Yava, where an odd group of individuals have gathered. Joe Kanji just hanging about searching for a crime to solve. Yayoi staying the evening to rest.

Ariarc begins panicking  about someone "killing" the "mountain sail." Getting the attention of Joe Kanji. The mention of a job and money getting Yayoi's attention.

Iidrabell wonders in from her poorly made house, Zaryn from the woods. These two strange characters decide to join Joe Kanji, Yava, and Yayoi on their mission. Introductions follow, hi jinx ensues, and they depart towards Detroit-Asaki.

When coming to a crossroads, they take the longer safer fields.

The animals begin to attack each other, Zaryn being dragged off in the process.

The remaining party members search for Zaryn and the missing animals. They find them on a tree stump, having bonded somehow.

They continue onward out of the woods.

That evening, the group settles down for the night. Yava fishes for many fish and Joe serenades the group while they settle.

The next morning, they gather their bearings, head back to the road, and continue.

Yayoi approaches the mysterious "Fases and Forsunes" stand. An odd figure boasting about her "fortune making" business. She introduces herself as Broomtail.

The group each writes a wish. Broomtail takes them, and throws them to the wind.

The group takes a break as Yayoi manages to sell all of her "product" to a passerby.

They decide to continue through the night.

Iidrabell, Zaryn, and Gustavo all end up disappearing before making it to Detroit-Asaki. The remaining group decides to search for them.

The group searches through the swamp in search of their companions, either fainting or hallucinating in the process.

Zaryn and Belle camp in the swamp, awaiting for help. 

While packing up the next morning, Yava, Yayoi, and  Joe Kanji all slump into Zaryn and Belle's campsite, the three falling unconscious.

Zaryn and Belle take the unconscious trio, get lost in the swamp, and settle down again.

The next morning, after recovering from a water crisis and a quick chanty from Joe, they gather their things and continue back to Detroit-Asaki.

Yava, Zaryn, Belle, and Joe bunk in a local inn. Yayoi bunking in a slightly nicer inn.

The next morning the group heads to the sail merchant. Yayoi haggles intensely with this merchant.

They order the sail and have it sent back to Wayward.

They restock on supplies and head back to Wayward on their own, Yayoi takes the remaining money and disappears.

Ariarch greets the rest of the group and rewards them.

Zaryn and Belle enjoy their houses. Yava sulking about Yayoi, Joe serenading the inn.

Clouldy Wanderers:Edit

Full summary to come

Start of an Adventure!: Edit

Full summary to come

Golden Sky: Edit

Full summary to come

Cast Edit


"Fox-eyed" Yava (Faust)- Hunter, co- constructor of the Wayward Inn, she considers herself to be the mayor of the "town."

Ariarc (Jay)- ???. The primary constructor of the Wayward Inn. Is also slightly crazed, thinking that the island can move with the help of a giant sail. She is also featured on the thumbnail.

Joe Kanji (James)- Minstrel, "I am a detective and a minstrel. I'll sing you a song, and find those who did you wrong..." Also has a questionable bird.

Spyglass- Bird. Ill mannered.

Yayoi (Shogun)- Thief. "Who's askin'?"

Irdrabell (Matt)- Healer. A farmer. Set off to Wayward and have stayed upon arrival.

Potato- Ill mannered. Also may be involved in a gang.

Gustavo- A muel.

Xeron (Jackson)- Healer. Comes from the wood. Uses a bow. Finds herbs.

Cloudly Wanderers:Edit

BroomTail (Jay)- Fortune teller. Extremely cheery and energetic.

Joe Kanji (James)- Minstrel, "I am a detective and a minstrel. I'll sing you a song, and find those who did you wrong..." Imprinted by a dragon.

Yayoi (Shogun)- Thief. "Who's askin'?" Birthed, and imprinted by, a dragon.

Kuabara- A mule with a pompadour.

"Joe Kanji"- A donkey.

Jotaro- Yak.

Qwithp (Faust)- Dancer. Fox person. Started with 300 somethings. Wishes to walk the Heavenly Road.

Saito (Jackson): Calligrapher. Has extremely nice sunglasses. "Follower of destinies."

Pompadrake (Pompi)- Rain Dragon. Hatched by Yayoi and imprinted on both her and Joe Kanji (not the mule).

Ryuutama/Golden Sky Stories/TENRO BANSHO ZERO Campaign: Edit

Liota (Matt)- Wonderer, artist/author, hates animals, and very helpful.

Jasmine (Jackson)- Herbalist, doctor, and very emotional person.

Qwithp (Faust)- Dancer. Fox person. Started with 300 somethings. Wishes to walk the Heavenly Road.

BroomTail (Jay)- Fortune teller. Extremely cheery and energetic.

Ariarc (Jay)- Dragon. The primary constructor of the Wayward Inn. Is also slightly crazed. Have her book of stories to Habi to write about any adventures they may have.

Habi Moondrinker (Faust)- Witch, helpful.

Ferris (Matt)- A dog, a good dog, and a political dog.

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