Rowian Igni Maxis


First Appearance "Wizard High School Part 7"
Alias The Masked Man, the Cult Leader, Ro, Iggi, Max
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations The Coven of Dusk
Race Human
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Unknown
Hair Colour Black
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Rowian Igni Maxis, better known as Max, is the Cult Leader of the Coven of Dusk and appears in the Wizard High School arc.

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Wizard High School Edit

Max first appears in part 7 of Wizard High School, where he orders various members of the cult to take Inien and Ashe away after not recognizing them. They end up locked in a broom closet, as the cells are full.

He later appears in part 9 and demonstrates the power of Legen's Eye and its ability to "awaken magic" within those without it. He explains his plan, which is to establish a school that provides magic to others and teaching them how to use it. The group agrees to some extent, but quickly realize that he is likely not responsible enough to use it.

When they begin to fight, he keeps far away and throws potions at the group. Ashe and Markus both manage to subdue him, then lock him in the chest he held potions in. His current status is unknown.


He was asked by Markus Velafi's Conga Line for Peace (through violence) to help them in their cause, which he agreed to help with as long as Markus and Inien restored Legen's Eye for him.

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Max is gifted with magic, though not much of it has been shown. He has the ability to teleport both himself and the various things around him.

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