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Onorhant is a nation within The Free Isles. The storyline arcs Romance of the Four Clans, The Gods Are Gone, Everything Is On Fire, Liquor and Spirits and BIG WAR take place here, as well as the Greaster Special, and part of The Village of Corpses.

History Edit

Onorhant is known as the "sleeping giant" of the Free Isles. The nation would pose a great danger to other nations if they were able to organize themselves.

Due to the three clan structure, there was no standing army or unified diplomatic presence [1].

After the events of the BIG WAR arc, the three clan structure was dissolved. It is now run by the guild structure, where the Gold Guild, lead by Moren, is one of the most influential guilds due to its economical wealth.

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Known Locations Edit

Big City Edit

Previously known as Xinkala, it is the capital of Onorhant.

Ban Village Edit

A secret village. It's only known point of entry is a pond in Big City, though there are more paths that have not been disclosed.

Stone of Kairen Edit

An Island in the bay around Big City. It was the original headquarters of the Lily Clan, and name for the original Lily Clan leader. The island has been prohibited for centuries.

Yeoval Edit

A small town on the border to Kuravia. It has a reputation of being haunted.

Eocho Edit

A small village outside of the Radom Woods, the resting place of Telvillian's Tear. The village is occupied by the Ban after Telvillian's Tear is taken during The Gods Are Gone arc.

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