Old Inny


First Appearance "Idiot, Devil, Drunkard"
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Alaran, Meadshire, Onorhant, Xinkala
Race Human
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Gray
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Old Inny is the bartender of almost every inn the group visits.

History Edit

Old Inny has appeared in The Adventure Begins, Liquor and Spirits, and Everything Is On Fire. He has also appeared in a couple streams on The Third Wheel channel as an ongoing gag.

Appearance Edit

It's unsure exactly what Old Inny wears, but as far as one can see from his pog he wears something that is brown, which has a hoodie that he wears over his head. His hair is obscured because of this hoodie, but going by what little can be seen, he appears to have white or grey hair.

He has a wild, almost crazed, look in his eyes.

Personality Edit

Old Inny has lost his grip on reality in his old age. He tends to serve people mushrooms and mistake everyone for Aesling.

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Trivia Edit

  • Ever since the group first met Old Inny back on Meadshire, he has mysteriously appeared in almost every bar that they have visited.
    • He was briefly seen in a bar in the Ban Village during the Liquor and Spirits arc.
    • Old Inny made a cameo in Anime Campaign episode 5, another campaign that Jay GMed in.

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