Nine Shrines Adventure Agency
Location The Shrouded Isles
Leader(s) Ashe, Gregor, Markus, Kyr, Thog
Goals Adventuring
The Nine Shrines Adventure Agency, also known as The Nine Shrines Adventure and Dines, is an adventuring agency founded by the main protagonists.

History Edit

It was founded after the Dealing with Death arc due to a need to look after Charoth, to have something to do, and to keep Thog around.

Location Edit

During their exploration of The Shrouded Isles, the group came across an abandoned Inn, which they claimed as their own. After the fight with Charoth, it was reconstructed thanks to Thog and his thugs, and made the headquarters of their agency. The building is still a work-in-progress though.

Trivia Edit

  • Outside of the Inn, there is a stone which says "No Regrets" in Ishtolen.

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