Narn l

First Appearance "So Much To Do About Nothing"
Alias Zeth, The Zeth, Winky Whale, Wispering Winky Whatever
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Firi
Race Zeth
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Gold
Hair Colour Dark
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

I'll admit... you're almost impressive. Almost noteworthy. But you both are parasites like me. If you're going to take someone's strength, make it your own.

Narn, sometimes known as both the Zeth and a Zeth, is a creature that first appeared in the background of "So Much To Do About Nothing" during the Shrouded Isles arc, and was featured on the title card for The Gods Are Gone arc. They later spoke for the first time after appearing in "Everything Is On Fire Part 1" and on the arc's title card.

History Edit

Narn's First appearance is in the background during the Shrouded Isle's arc. They seem to wander near the group but have no actual interaction aside from Kyr(then Kier) noticing their presence.In the Spell livestream, the Z-wing are sent to investigate their appearance in the Isles. There we find out they were looking for the Fox King.After this they appear in the title card of The God's are Gone

Everything is on Fire Edit

Narn appears in Xinkala and, as the arc's title suggests, sets the city on fire in their attempt to get to the first seal on top of the rise. They talk to Kyr, who just came out of the city's aqueduct, and proceeds to "align" with him. Later, they relax for a little in the Gold Clan's headquaters with Firi and then align with Colvin, causing them to become less focused on their target and enjoy their fighting more.

They are later attacked by Gregor, Markus, Kyr, and Colvin on top of the rise, but succeeded in breaking the seal. The entire group were then teleported to a different spot in Xinkala and take a short breather, before Narn tries to escape to the next spot where the seal is. Markus and Gregor manage to hold onto him, and at the old shrine near the lake Ashe and Horaven show up to fight it.

Presumed dead for a short while, the seal is broken and the entire group is teleported to the final seal, on an island overseeing Xinkala (which looks nice, even though it is on fire.) Narn runs into Ashe and Horaven, who thought that the seals were in places of water, but is attacked by Kyr and follows him to the shrine where the actual seal is. There, they are attacked by the rest of the group, and finished by Gregor's "final attack". Just as he is about to kill them, Narn vanishes, leaving the group uncertain of their status.

Big War Edit

Narn appears again in BIG WAR, throwing Gregor's glaive back to him in the final confrontation against Kyrlos. Gregor, assuming that the Zeth was there to fight, asks them to wait until they finish the fight. However, once it is done, Firi convinces Gregor and Narn not to fight eachother and to try to become friends. They are chosen as the group to go against Xin when the group goes to Xinkala, and brings Gregor back from the brink of death, saying that he has taken something from Gregor - "the fact that [they] are now friends." After Xin is sealed, they leap off the rise and disappear.

Appearance Edit

Narn is a member of the Zeth, though the only one shown in the series thus far. They are tall, with a carapace-like substance covering their entire body. A red cape covers one shoulder and spills down their back, and their face is shaped into a never-ending smile.

Personality Edit

Narn has a tendency to get caught up in the situation and forget their task - it's also implied that the voice they take modifies their personality. Narn also displayed a strong affinity for combat, since they came to Onorhant to expand their collection of spirits and grow stronger.

Abilities Edit

Little is known about their abilities, though they have demonstrated the ability to steal voices from other creatures (the accuracy of this ability is unknown) in a technique where they "align" with their target. Thus far, it has been used on-screen on a Gold Clan guard, Kyr, and Colvin.

They also killed many of the Onorhian guards with relative ease, so they are assumed to be quite powerful.

They have shown themselves to be very athletic and strong through acts such as jumping halfway across the Lily Clan's garden and chopping a guard in half using the technique "Jaws of the Lamprey" (later re-dubbed "Jaws of the Angler Fish").

Thier strength is powerful enough to body-check someone like Colvin with a technique call "Ten ton whale."

Narn can create two giant wings of wisp-like energy which they use to summon different creatures. These include big golem-like creatures with sprouts of flame in the center, and inky black creatures which are composed of shadows.

Relationships Edit

Firi Edit

Narn is seen to be not only familiar with Firi but on friendly terms. They're seen giving her a playful noogie, and messing around with her. They also cared about her enough to keep stop from finishing the fight with Gregor, as per her request to avoid upsetting her. While their exact history is unknown it's safe to assume they've known each other for quite some time.

Gregor Edit

During Narn's attack on Xincala, Gregor seems to have been the fighter that captured Narn's attention the most. They're shown commenting and even complimenting him on his techniques and skills throughout the fight. At the end of it Narn laments how they didn't meet on some grander battlefield. As they return in "THE BIG WAR" arc, they "become friends" as per Firi's request. As it goes on it seems as though Narn has "Aligned" themselves with Gregor similar to what they did with Colvin during "Everything is On Fire" arc. Possibly now has a greater connection to Gregor due to a vague pact that showed him "The Verse"

Trivia Edit

  • Refered to as "The Winkey Whale" in the SPELL Livestream
  • In Big War when Narn talks about their fear they say "You've already met her" this could apply to either Firi or possibly Aryn
  • Narn's was a collaboration between Jay and Jackson
  • Narn refers to themselves as a "Verse Unbound"

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