First Appearance "Romance of the Four Clans Part 1"
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Alaran, Thog, the Gold Guild (leader)
Race Human
Class Rogue
Eye Colour Gray
Hair Colour Blond
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Moren Marad[1] is a side character in Thrilling Intent. He appears in Romance of the Four Clans, The Gods Are Gone, Everything Is On Fire, and BIG WAR. He previously ran a shop in Xinkala, where he sold the things he gathered while treasure hunting. He currently is the leader of the Gold Guild.

 History Edit

He was born in the Alaran Empire, and lived there for much of his life (working as a thug), but has more recently moved to Xinkala, where he opened up shop as a treasure hunter before becoming a guild leader.

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Personality Edit

Moren is a fairly smooth-talking man, who has an eye for valuable goods.

Abilities Edit

  • He owns, and can use, a gun
  • He is rather charismatic

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Thog Edit

He is good friends with Thog. The two met when they were both street thugs in the Alaran Empire.

Trivia Edit

  • Markus has admitted that he finds Moren attractive
  • During the Big War arc, his shop was robbed
  • His shop is called "Moren's Artifacts and Atrocities, Darn Straight"

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References Edit

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