Monster of the Week
Video Link Part 1 (Youtube)

Part 2 (Youtube)

Stream Date June 18, 2016
Stream Length Part 1: 3:41:48

Part 2: 4:49:05

GM Fae
Guests James, Piph
Appearing characters Part 1:

Bark Sampson, Mr. Mint, Anyway.

Part 2: Bark Sampson, Leia Nissan, Jort, Berreon.

Location Unknown
The Monster of the Week livestream was hosted on June 18, 2016. It features Fae, Jackson and Jay from The Third Wheel, along with guests James and Piph.

The livestream also features Fae's first time GMing on livestreams.

Synopsis Edit

Part 1: Edit

 The game itself begins with the creation of the characters. Where we are introduced to the cast of Mr. Mint, Bark Sampson (AKA "Burst"), and Anyway.

 Once the character creation is finished, approximately 60 minutes into the stream, we begin the story with Bark begin awoken by a call from Chet Charleston, the sheriff of North Dakota, Missouri, wishing for Bark to come down to Farm Road 71 due to, odd, circumstances. Upon attempting to leave, Bark awakens Anyway, who bunked with him for the night. Bark eventually decides to take Anyway with him. Anyway having experience with "weird."

 Mr. Mint, scouting Chet Charleston's office, gets a call from Mr. Fresh, telling him to also get to Farm Road 71.

 The three unusual characters meet at the road. Chet explains that a local farmer reported that approximately ten miles of road just appeared overnight.

 After convincing Chet that Anyway isn't, in fact on drugs, Bark, along with Mr. Mint observes the road from a distance at first. Eventually Anyway notices odd rocks that seem to be handmade.

 Anyway begins digging by order of Mr. Mint. Anyway ends up digging up a door to a cellar that conceals a skeleton monster, which is revealed after Mr. Mint kicked into the door, getting his feet stuck in the process. He also eventually loses his pants...

 Anyway attempts to pull him out, falling in while doing so. Mr. Mint manages to leap out. Anyway teleports to the farmers truck once the monster grabs him, taking the monster with him.

 The three begin a fight with the monster. Mr. Mint not only calling for more pants, but rocket shoes as well. 

 Bark and Anyway perform an impressive display of  wrestling moves.

 Mr. Mint slams his car into the truck after Bark and Anyway pull the farmer out, and the skeleton is in the back of the truck.

 Bark is seriously injured from the explosion, consulting webmd his condition. Anyway heals him anyway.

 With a prick and an itch, Mr. Mint stands with the large amount of wreckage in front of him, Bark tweets about his experience, and Anyway (on an unrelated note) wonders why he thinks twitter needs a dislike button.

Part 2: Edit

 After the events of the first part, Anyway was fired, Mr. Mint disappeared, and Bark was called to the local Waffle House for more business.

 At the Waffle House, Chat Charleston and Berreon await. They discuss current issues. They order their food. Leia and Jort enters. They talk about the job that they're about to get into.

 Once finished, they get to there cars. Leia leaves and arrives first, entering the building from a broken window from the side. The others arrive as Leia attempts to enter the first time.

 Jort and Berreon approach the front door, Jort enters first. Upon entering, a skeleton jumps at Jort. Berreon hexes the skeleton, which breaks all of Jorts phones.

 Leia sneaks in from the window, listening for then other source of noise. Berreon pulling out his shotgun. Jort, face now with a hint of worry, beads a single drop of sweat down his face.

 They search through and find Jady the Wizard Lady in wizard robes from somewhere else. Who's also trying to dethrone "Dr. Cooler."

 Berreon wonders off after a mood swing, Jort chases after him.

 Bark gets struck with the truth. Recognizing that Jady's robes belong to necromancer acolyte who seeks to defeat the dead.

 Jort finds Berreon indulging his "dark" addiction with black licorice and black coffee.

 Jady explains everything about Dr. Cooler and that the Yotan are in part of the problem. 

 Jort and Berreon have a heart to heart about addiction.

 Everybody meets at the car. Everyone shares information.

 Chet calls Bark. Apparently Mr. Mint had been biting people in a super market including officers.

 The team ends up going straight to Dr. Cooler's Castle.

 They're lead into an alleyway to cast a spell and transport to the castle.

 With a clap, the spell is cast and they appear in between Somewhere Else and normal reality, in the courtyard of Dr. Cooler's Castle.

 Leia threatens a passerby who, once taking him to an empty room, expresses that he is also is trying to kill Dr. Cooler. He reveals his name to be Porter.

 Jort punches a hole through the ceiling. Where Leia is grabbed by a skeleton, she is wounded.

 Upon defeating the single skeleton, a army of skeletons begin to charge.

 Eventually a Yotan enters the fray from a stream from which they were following, which is taken down by Berreon and the  remains are eaten by Jort.

 They follow the stream, Bark leading with his flashlight.

 They end up at an extremely trapped area of the castle.

Cast Edit

Part 1: Edit

  • Fae: GM/SFX
  • Jay: Anyway: Deity new to E-arth.
  • Jackson: Mr. Mint: "Professional meddler."
    • Cortana: Jackson's dice roller.
  • James (Jay mk II): Bark Sampson: A blogger searching for the "truth." AKA: (BurstThanMyBite)

Notable NPCs Edit

  • Chet Charleston: Sheriff of North Dakota.

Part 2: Edit

  • Fae: GM, SFX
  • Jay: Jort: Born half human, half monster, a Yotan (frost giant).
  • Matt: Leia Nissan: A mother who lost her son and parents by Yotan.
  • James: Bark Sampson: Blogger. Veteran "truth hunter."
  • Piph: Berreon: a spook who has a lust for power.

Notable NPCs Edit

  • Jady the Wizard lady: A wizard that used to work with Dr. Cooler.
  • Porter: Jady's skeleton.