Meathe, unmarked, on the official map

Meathe is a nation within The Free Isles. If looked at from the outside, it appears inhabited.

History Edit

The ancestors of the Meathians used to travel the seas as pirates, pillaging and living on an armada of ships. However, as they sailed the world, they discovered something horrifying at the edges of the world, out in the waters, that drove them mad. Trying to hide from it, they sailed non stop until they ran out of supplies, and settled down on Meathe, in hopes that the world, and whatever they found, would forget about them.

To remain forgotten, the Meathians found something which granted powers to a selected person, whom would be referred to as their "Guardian". Said person would then be tasked to protect them against any and all outsiders, as well as whatever their ancestors found. In order to get this power, which is said to be "plucked" from the world and was something that was always there, they had to give up something of immense value.

Culture Edit

Meathe appears to be incredibly isolationist, relying on a certain lineage of Guardians in order to protect them from literally any outsiders. They have a holiday known as Spook Day where they carve root vegetables.

They are currently trading with Alaran.

Characters From Meathe Edit

Trivia Edit

  • On the full map of The Free Isles, around the compass rose, it is written in the Cipher language from North-Widdly and clockwise: "4-B points to Meathe". This leads to a cluster of islands, as pictured on the image further up on this page.
  • Meathe has no currency and operates under the barter system
  • Meathe also has no written language.
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