I had something of an important realisation that day. History does not favour those with fate on their sides. It cares not for prophecied sons and daughters. The truly influential ones are the conmen, the deceivers, the scheming viziers.
Markus Velafi


Horatio Protagonise

Markus DemonForm

First Appearance "Idiot, Devil, Drunkard"
Alias Horatio Protagoniste,
Matt Cosgrove,
Anthony Chiaroscuro,
Imbriglio Corpsedust,
Morkass Velafmore,
Malachi Ventriculo
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliations Nine Shrines Adventure Agency, Tannhauser, Hell
Race Tiefling
Class Demagus (Demonblood Magus), formerly Sorcelock
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blond
Age 35 - 37
Birthday June 6th

Markus Velafi is one of the protagonists of Thrilling Intent and a member of the Nine Shrines Adventure Agency.

History Edit

Markus is one of the most open of the main characters about his backstory, though he doesn't look back on his past fondly. He hails from the Kingdom of Tannhauser where the Velafi family's ancestral duty was to wait hand and foot on the Tannhausers - those of Celestial lineage - who ruled over the kingdom. At the age of 15, three years after taking up his duties to serve the King, a heavily inebriated king informed him that the current rulers had taken the throne in a bloody coup nearly a century ago that had been recorded as an unsuccessful revolution attempt. With this knowledge, he left Tannhauser the next week and hasn't been back since.[1]

Based on his personality, it is very likely some part of his story is a lie, but it is unclear which part.

Appearance Edit

Markus is described as tall and beautiful. He has fair skin, blue eyes, and sleek, long, blond hair. Most people consider his good looks to be spoiled by a thin and weak frame. He weighs little and is terribly out of shape; even walking against the wind exhausts him.

Due to his demonic progenitor's blood being heavily diluted, his demonic features are minor: long canine teeth; small horns; a slippery, prehensile tail; and small wings. He smells of sulfur and brimstone, especially his blood, which he claims runs 20 degrees hotter than normal human blood.

His normal attire is a dark green shirt, dark purple pantaloons, and a black cape, which he likes to sweep about dramatically.

One of his forearms now lacks bone due to infusing himself with inconclasm.

Personality Edit

The words that could be used to describe Markus in a nutshell are easy going and self confident.

Markus is rarely phased by bizarre phenomena or strange creatures, either pretending to know what's going on and then defaulting to the knowledge presented by others or actually being knowledgeable about the subject in question and providing an explanation. He has a unique ability to roll with just about anything, making him appear to be a well traveled individual who's seen just about everything.

Markus appears to have a near unshakable confidence in himself and his abilities. Despite being the typical "frail caster" of the group, he brazenly charges headlong into the front lines and into danger, using his tiefling resistances and casting abilities with little regard for himself. Surprisingly, he has survived the kinds of damage that would normally gravely wound a caster, even exposing himself to hits he is not resistant to in order to protect his friends. This selfless confidence is usually reciprocated in kind during battle by either Gregor returning the favor and shielding Markus or Aesling immediately breaking off combat to focus on healing him.

Markus does seem to have an inflated sense of self. He introduces himself with his full name, loudly proclaiming it in a major victory, openly sharing it with spirits (disregarding the possibility of names having power), and referring to himself as "that sexy, beautiful hunk of a tiefling" while in disguise. However, he maintains consistency with his confidence and this vanity doesn't seem to be a detrimental weakness.

Markus is something of a showman. He often casts his spells with flourishes and is particularly fond of glitter. Always looking for that perfect stage presence, he didn't even hesitate to jump on stage not once, but twice during the Shrouded Isles arc. The first time was something of a comedy sketch of questionable reception done with Kyr. The second was an impromptu drama about the importance of Death in the cycle of life with Ashe performed for the Death God. Markus is extremely fond of personas, enjoying disguising himself with sunglasses, fake moustaches, and other props, making up ridiculous names for himself at the drop of a hat and easily slipping into and out of these roles.

Markus does have a few regrets over the course of his life. Memories of "Wizard High School" seem to be one of the few things that can shake him.

Another facet of Markus' easy going personality is his lack of holding any serious grudge against people who have previously attacked or wronged him. Notable individuals include Thog, Inien, and Colvin.

Despite being an impulsive goofball at times, Markus does knuckle down and acts as both a restraint for the other impulsive members of the party - talking down Gregor and Kyr from rash actions that would see them badly hurt and soothing Ashe's short temper and hysterics. This most often comes out during the final episodes of an arc; in Romance of the Four Clans, he attempts to mediate between Ashe and Gregor when they begin feuding over decisions in the final moments. When the group wonders what to do concerning the villain or powerful artifact. Markus generally tends to favor completing the original objective the group sets out to do, but can be talked into tweaking that a bit.

Markus has only lost his temper once so far, being furious with Gregor for indirectly acquiring Telvillion's Tear and attempting to utilize it without the consent of the full group. However, despite his anger he remained impressively level-headed with Gregor, reprimanding him without raising his voice. Markus can therefore be considered extremely even-tempered.

Although Markus generally considers his summoned imps to be expendable cannon fodder, he does see them as sort of pseudo-adopted children. While most imps summoned in the heat of battle are nameless, there are a few that Markus is particularly attached to and seem to have survived long enough in his service to receive names. Others, unfortunately, are either summarily used as improvised projectiles, ablative armor, suicide runners, or just plain disposed of by being punted back into a burning building.

Markus has a longstanding hatred and rivalry with a competing author, Ballast McGee. There are no words to describe the loathing Markus has for this man.

Abilities Edit

Markus uses various magic-based spells. He classifies himself as a sorcelock, and when it comes to magic he possesses the abilities of a sorcerer. As a sorcerer, he does not have a magic “battery”, so he can cast his own spells with almost no restriction, although this is excluded from a few of his spells that need more concentration.

His various spells include:

  • Eldritch Blast - a ball of dark, chaotic energy
  • Utter Dark Blast - a powerful ball of pure demon energy; effectively an upgraded eldritch blast, with some of his demon soul infused
  • Enlarge/reduce person
  • The ability to summon Imps and later Tax Goats
  • Detect magic/pilfering/wood/poison/evil
  • "Eye beams" - a force of energy from his eyes
  • Shadow weaving - sculpting shadows into more solidified objects
  • Illusions and the creations of clones
  • Windy Escape - a spell that allows him to dissipate into mist
  • Gust of Wind
  • Demonic Effect #11 (Behemoth Skeleton Hammer Fist) - Creates a behemoth skeleton arm from a crack in the earth.
  • Spell effect #34 (Small Confused Fat Man) - Summons a small, confused fat man
  • Infernal Spell Effect #35 (Festival of a Thousand Sparrows) - creates a swarm of birds that explode into fireworks.
  • Demonic Effect #45 (Fluttering Yellow Tree Cannon?) - creates a fluorescent yellow tree trunk above target. Trunk later dissolves into numerous butterflies
  • Sexy Demon Scissor Slicer - Creates a giant energy scissor, which slides closed with enough force to sever Lord Pyrethum's wings. One of the effects of the spell includes the casters shirt exploding off.
  • Spitting Acid

Demon FormEdit

During the final battle with Xin during "Big War" Markus used iconoclasm on himself to draw out the full force of his demonic essence, this transformed him into his "Demon Form" a reflection of the Tieflings that were originally created to hunt Spiritfolk. In this form, his magic is greatly enhanced and incredibly dangerous against Spiritfolk as iconoclasm is embedded into this form. His shadows are also covered in jagged teeth.

Narn refers to him as a fellow "Verse Unbound" the exact meaning of this is unknown. He also now has the ability to consume the essence of Spiritfolk similar to a Zeth.  As of now, we do not know if he can enter this form at will but it can be triggered.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mother Edit

Alexandria. [citation needed] Deceased.

Father Edit

Breem, a tiefling. Nicknamed "Papa Ram-horns" by Markus. Breem took his job as a butler seriously and because of this was absent for much of Markus' childhood. Markus has a grudging respect for his father's work ethic, but chafed under his stodgy rules and claims that his face was the first thing he forgot when he left Tannhauser.

Friends Edit

Aesling Edit

Ashe can be prickly, but Markus takes her aggressive nature in stride and respects her need for privacy and personal space. While he values her as a good friend, he has also expressed an attraction to her as a "strong, scary, and beautiful" person.

Gregor Edit

Markus views himself as a mentor and guiding figure for Gregor. His proudest moment of Gregor was watching him discover and perform his "Falling Star" special move against Charoth where he shed a tear at Gregor's performance.

Kyr Edit

Although initially suspicious of Kyr's inventions, their similarly excitable, fun-loving and reckless personalities made them fast friends, and they spend a lot of time together on joint projects, coming up with fabulous and terrible ideas. They co-wrote Aesling the Neck Stabber. His friendship with Kyr is one of the few he views as strictly platonic.

Thog Edit

Markus respects and even enjoys Thog's duplicitous and threatening nature, which he views as straightforward and uncomplicated which has lead to them becoming Close Friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Markus signs his name with a pentagram.
  • He claims to have a summer home in Hell.
  • When left alone, Markus's horns are naturally longer and curve like those of a ram, but he keeps them trimmed because he does not want to resemble his father.[2]
  • When Markus was younger a bully teased him about his wings. He's been insecure about them ever since, which is why he hides them. When not wearing a shirt he uses a glamour to mask their appearance. [citation needed]
  • Markus made his own drink to serve at the Nine Shrines bar. Named the "Velafi Twister" which he made against the "better judgement" of the other members of the Nine Shrines Adventure Agency. Their main concern was they believed he would put blood into it. While he originally said only the first one had blood in it he latter admitted, after drinking part of one himself, that he does put a drop of his own blood in all of them. Markus says he came up with the drink when he was at the bar one day and mixed several different bottles, even one "With a bendy bit in the neck", all of which he had no idea what they where. He then made them spin (using his magic to make a miniature whirl pool in the drink) and it apparently tasted pretty good. It later turned out to be insanely alcoholic.
    • When finished, it steams and changes colour to a deep green
    • His only taste testers were himself and his Imps, which apparently liked it
    • Markus made a rule for the drink "Once the twister's twisting ya got to drink the twister until it's done twisting." Gregor quickly remarked "and it'll twist right through you," which Markus agreed on.
    • It was stated the Velafi Twister includes "a measure" of Fog Apple Extract, which is most likely a major reason why it has it's green colour and strong alcohol level.
    • Aesling looked at the bottles used, mumbling "It's whiskey" (most likely referring to a single ingredient) before openly stating it was three kinds of straight up barrel brewed grain alcohol. Markus defended saying "No one told me to put anything else in," even though Fog Apple Extract, his own blood, and "several strange ingredients" are used in it's making.
      • Markus uses a drop of his own blood saying "It gives it the tang."
    • No one except Colvin has ordered two Velafi Twisters in a row, a feat that slightly shocked Markus. Gregor noted people were mostly too unconscious to order another Velafi Twister. A single Velafi Twister was enough to slightly intoxicate Markus and make him fall asleep.
      • After downing his first in one shot Colvin took several steps back and was suddenly covered in sweat. He then admitted he would respect the drink as a rival and would be honoured to meet it on the field of battle, right before ordering his second.
      • After Colvin explained how he warded off the effects of the drink, Markus told him he was the coolest person he has ever meet.
  • "Velafi" is a verb meaning "to leap nude from a cliff whilst burning alive." [3]
  • Markus is panromantic and polyamorous, and possibly quoiromantic. [4]
  • Markus briefly appeared in the first episode of the Youtube series Corsairs, where he was listed inside a book as a criminal. Among his crimes were "Unnatural Confidence", "Stealing a mountain", "Moustache Counterfeiting", and "Refusing to Fear the Reaper". [5]
    • Also in the book on Markus' page, it was mentioned that "We are quite sure the person in question placed this bounty on himself as a means to increase his reputation".
  • Markus is a licensed reverend.
  • Markus has been on dates with both Inien and Thog; Inien claims that he made them both the same dinner.

Gallery Edit

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References Edit

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