Magic is a very important element within the universe of Thrilling Intent - many of it remains a mystery, leaving many theories and much still not yet understood.

Types Edit

The two main types of magic are divine magic and arcane magic - there are subsets in those categories, such as Spiritfolk magic within divine or necromancy within arcane.

Divine Edit

Magic used by Spiritfolk, it's generally tied to a specific domain or theme. Spirits seem to be able to lend their magic to humans, such as Horaven.

Arcane Edit

Arcane magic is used by humans and possibly other kinds of nonspirits,for the most part requires components to preform. Sorcerer's bypass this need for components but have to follow their unique sets of rules.


A runic alphabet that alters the world with phrases, seemingly has connections to the Zeth and "The Verse"

History Edit

Talked about during the live stream Live art! starts at 16:28

The Golden Age of MagicEdit

It's not know how long ago this age was due to the records of it largely being destroyed. During the Golden Age of magic everyone possessed magical talent, not only that but they were all incredibly powerful and able to use spells without incantations or components. This Age ended with some sort of cataclysmic event and resulted in only certain kinds of people being able to use magic.  

After The Golden Age Edit

Sometime after the cataclysm a group of "Wizard Fascists' Calling themselves The Exceptionalists began to rise to power and control the people. This lasted until they learned magic power could only stood up to so many angry peasants. 

The Bronze Age of MagicEdit

An age of witch hunts that lasted for at least 100 years. Magic users went into hiding and a lot of the ancient knowledge was lost.

The Tin Age of Magic

The current age of magic, the witch hunts have died down and magic is still viewed with general suspicion. There are many different schools of thought regarding this age and Tin Age is just one way of referring to it.  

Relationship between magics Edit

It seems as though Arcane and Divine magic don't like to interact, as arcane magic has a tendency to rip apart Spiritfolk. Both kinds of magic have difficulty altering completely mundane things, such as a brick.

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