Oh, you're in the invent zone. I love that place! It's where all the bad things can't get to you, you know.
Kyr Fiore

Kyr l

Kier dod

Kier dod2

First Appearance "Side Effects May Include"
Alias Kier
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliations Nine Shrines Adventure Agency, The Shrouded Isles
Race Human
Class Engineer
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Red(auburn)
Age 31
Birthday 17 of Duckmonth

Kyr Fiore is a main character in Thrilling Intent and a member of Nine Shrines Adventure Agency.

History Edit

Kyr was born and raised on the Allarani colony of Grius, known as The Shrouded Isles to the spiritfolk of the area. His father taught him to respect the spiritfolk, and Kyr paid his respects by throwing his inventions in the oceans. He never knew his mother.

When he was 11, the death god Charoth, demanded him as a sacrifice. His father fought Charoth which caused the death of all the other humans on the islands. Kyr was the only human on the island for the next twenty years with only the spiritfolk for company, who didn’t really like him.

More recently, Charoth became active again, and he met Markus, Ashe, and Gregor, who were hired to stop the great spiritfolk.

Appearance Edit

Very tall, with short red hair and vivid blue eyes. He normally wears a black cape over a blue shirt and purple pants, backless gloves, metal pauldrons, and many belts that hold engineering tools.

Personality Edit

Kyr is loud, cheerful, excitable, and expressive. Living on his own for so long has made him resourceful and resilient. He believes that strong people shouldn't be afraid to cry and does so often, but he also bounces back quickly from hardship. The group was surprised to learn that he has a lot of inner turmoil regarding his inability to protect his friends and loved ones.

He has a good heart, but little understanding of personal boundaries, and sometimes ends up causing more harm than good with his attempts to reach out and help others.

Abilities Edit

While he's not much good in combat, Kyr is a brilliant inventor and capable of making complicated devices on the spot. These devices are usually highly useful, dangerous, and explosive.

When doing leisure inventing however, being put under almost any pressure (even a simple request from a friend) will not be condusive to him being able to create anything of note, and this being the case, nearly any form of torture to get him to create things would not work.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mother- (unknown name; died while the other humans on Grius disappeared)

Father- (unknown name; deceased, although seen as a ghost)

Uncle- (unknown name; died while the other humans on Grius disappeared)

Markus Edit

Markus and Kyr have gotten along very well on their first encounter. The two instantly became friends and have actually become best friends over time. Both Markus and Kyr enjoyed creating explosions out of fun in episode 39. They also enjoyed creating other explosions. Due to their enjoyment on making explosions, their friendship is very obvious. The two also share the same intense fear of skeletons.

Aesling Edit

Ashe was initially cautious and mistrusting of Kyr and his inventions, but she has since warmed up to him and his inventions.

Gregor Edit

Gregor and Kyr are friends.

Trivia Edit

  • "Kier" comes from Samuel Kier, the businessman who is credited with getting the petroleum industry rolling in America, and Fiore from Fiore dei Liberi, an Italian knight and diplomat who wrote one of the earliest martial arts manuals Flower of Battle.
  • Kyr changes the spelling of his name in episode 68, but continues to use Kier in relation to his inventions "for branding."
  • Kyr used to have a middle name but has forgotten it.
  • He has invented his own calendar based on the happiness of ducks, which he believes is cyclical.
  • Kyr is stronger than 3 men, but doesn't fight at full power because he's afraid of skeletons.
  • Possibly colorblind as he didn't know the trapped spirits were multicolored
  • One of his hands cannot feel pain.

Gallery Edit

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