Kyl'il is an NPC from the Shrouded Isles - specifically the isle of Kinir.



First Appearance "Mundane for Life"
Alias The Guardian
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations The Shrouded Isles, Spiritfolk
Race Spiritfolk
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Glow white
Hair Colour Dark violet
Age ~3000
Birthday Unknown

History Edit

Kyl'il has gone 3000 years without reincarnating, due to the constant conflicts and warfare that plague her home.

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Kyl'il is tall and slim, with two long, curved maroon horns sprouting from either side of her head. Between them rests a glowing flame.

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She possesses control over fire, and is able to produce lanterns - including the Lantern of the Shrouds - from thin air with her magic.

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