Krista Full

First Appearance SPELL Livestream
Alias Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Z-Wing, The Government
Race Human
Class Speaker
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blond
Age 17
Birthday Unknown

Krista is a member of Z-Wing and first appeared in the SPELL Livestream, later returning during the SpellxTension Livestream. She is played by Jackson.

History Edit

Little is known about Krista other that she is a university student studying Advanced Magical Sciences, and a member of Z-Wing within the World Government. She was training with the rest of the Z-Wing members in Vulkheim before her first mission sent her to the Free Isles. Like the rest of the Z-Wing members, her magical talents mark her as an oddity.

Appearance Edit

Krista has a studious, unkempt appearance. Her blond hair is matted, she has dark circles around her green eyes, and she slouches. She wears glasses, a purple cape and red scarf over a light gray shirt, navy knee-length shorts, and wears blue socks with brown loafers. She is usually portrayed holding an open book.

Personality Edit

Grumpy and often exasperated with her coworkers, it's clear that Krista prefers studying. She's been accused of not being a team player. She is either clumsy or unlucky, as she often stumbles into things, like spiderwebs and buckets.

Abilities Edit

One of her starting permanent spells is "Warp Ctrl" (pronounced warp control) which was used to warp and twist a training dummy. Because "control" is abbreviated, the spell has less than optimal control and the dock surrounding the dummy was twisted as well.


Bug Maze: Creates a swarm of bugs.


Use-Sewer-Net: Uncovers a nearby sewer.

Woo: Woos an enemy.

Axe: Summons an axe.

Send Home: Breaks a hole in the fabric of reality.

Froggie: Used to create a adorable little frog

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Trivia Edit

  • Jackson created Krista in 2009 and has used her in several projects that ended up scrapped. Her original name was Celeste.[1]

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