Just Dont is partly a song for Dont, Kyr and Inien, but mainly the April Fools special.

Just Dont

Just Dont

Lyrics Edit

When I was just a little pigbat

my mother said to me don't eat that

So I did

Di di, di di, di didididi, di di , di di, di---


It's time for you to hear a story

About a man called Kier Fiore

With inventions all outside the norm

He's sure to take this world by storm

With a mind that gleams like shining gold

An engineer that breaks the mold then builds it stronger than before...

With howling fire at its core, 

yes howling fire at its core

Though you might question if it's safe

It's guaranteed to never chafe

And even if that isn't relevant

It'll stand up to a charging elephant

As rigid as a piece of plastic

breathable and yet elastic

Though you might become a cat...

I asure you there's a cream for that, 

oh yes I've got a cream for that.

Kier Fiore, genius inventor human number one

Por tu amore, may I present to you this rose that weights a ton.

Just take a sip of this, you'll never need to eat again! 

...Just don't get wet or stay up late, 

or count in multiples of ten. Don't count in multiples of ten.

*kazoo intro*


*kazoo continues*

Inien dada


She's a witch!


She's a bitch!

*higher toot*


*higher still toot leading into more kazoo*

She does magic!


And she's kinda tragic


'Cause she lost all her money ha ha ha ha

*more tooting*

Oh wait there's more

*toot kazooing, including gasping for air*

That's a rock!

*feverish kazooing*

But there's Inien

*kazoo continues, and crescendos, then drops down*



Inien Inien!



*kazoo continues, then hums low notes, before building dramatically*

It's Inien

*kazoo continues dramatically*

Garbage witch [transcriber note: the second word of this phrase is garbled, but based on context one can assume it is "witch"]


She's a witch!

*kazoo again creshendos, dooting becoming more rhymic as it gets louder*

*long held kazoo that drops lower*

Interpretation Edit

Just.... don't. Please...

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