Instructor Tiller


First Appearance "We Don't Need No Accountability"
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Alaran, Altreia, The Varyndir Order
Race Human
Class Paladin
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Blond
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Instructor Tiller is a minor character in The Adventure Began.

History Edit

Tiller originally hails from Alaran. He was thrown into jail for his hair being too good-looking - or so he says - and sold to Captain Aftin as a paladin apprentice. He was chosen to be the one to give initiates of The Varyndir Order the beginning test of filigree, as he is the only one who isn't constantly drunk.

The Adventure Began Edit

As this is the case, he gives the main three (or namely, Markus) the test. He informs them the Order is mainly made up of Alarani slaves now, as all the Altreian paladins left it. After they retrieve the head of Varyndir, he teleports to the capital of Altreia along with the rest of the paladins.