Ashe, he's like a gladijanitor - a gladiator that cleans up after himself. He's a one-of-a-kind beautiful special bird, and you should celebrate him.

Inien the Witch is a main character in Thrilling Intent that first appeared in the Wizard High School arc.



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First Appearance "Wizard High School Part 1"
Alias Victorious Voidstorm, High Known of the Runecarvers' Guild
Alignment Unaligned Evil
Affiliations Runecarvers' Guild, Nine Shrines Adventure Agency
Race Human?
Class Witch
Eye Colour Amber
Hair Colour Dark brown
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

History Edit

Inien is from Freearch, though she established upon first meeting the group that she "come[s] from, more recently, a country called Onorhant".[1]

She also claims the Freearch she was born is a worse place than Meathe, even based off of Ashe's complaints and her own poor opinion of the place. Her parents also did not have "black-brownish hair and were really short", in Gregor's words. Mimics also disguise as something different - instead of treasure chests - there.[2]

She was also apparently a General once, and remarked that it's "a funny story".

Little else is known of her past other than that the coven she was once part of was executed due to her disobedience. [citation needed] She is also "old enough for an entire generation of runts to want to become [her]", though her exact age is unknown.[3]

She is currently working at the Nine Shrines Adventure Agency as a bartender.

Wizard High School Edit

Inien's first appearance was in the first episode of the Wizard High School arc. On the opening day of the Nine Shrines Bar, the group entered the building to find Inien sitting at the bar drinking tea. She ended up hiring the Nine Shrines Adventure Agency to help her infiltrate the Coven of Dusk in Kuravia. Her goal was to retrieve the money (4.4 million gold) and artifact that had been stolen out of the vaults of the Runecarvers' Guild by the sorcerer Colvin.

She lends the members of the group Phantasmal Nickles, and then led them into the Coven under the name "Victorious Voidstorm".

When passing through the room of wizard drugs, she found the other members of the groups' reactions to be "worth the money". Contrarily, she remained fairly unperturbed, though the troughs contained imaged of greed, lust, something embarrassing, a throne crafted out of people, and drowning a sack of kittens.

She is heavily amused by the fight with Colvin that takes place in his room in the wizard tower, breaking into a smile when Markus' arm is broken.

Inien asks Ashe if she should help Markus and Gregor's tabletop attempt succeed, and ends up using Grease to "teach them a lesson" at Ashe's response.

She later demonstrates a knowledge of chimeras and their workings, having dealt with them in the past, including the wards put in place because of them. She and Markus end up facing down a pack of "slimedogs" (later clarified to be Hellhounds) chimeras together. The two get along rather well, and end up defeating the pack with relative ease after combining their magics.

Ashe threw her at the Trawlydes while they faced a mixture of them and Hellhounds, though she escaped unharmed.

After getting caught in a trap, Inien and Ashe are thrown around and, together, knocked unconscious - they end up locked in a broom closet. She informs Ashe that she is aware that the latter's "tattoos" are actually bindings, and continues prodding her until she has an outburst and lets them both free. Despite getting hit in the face, she finds that it's worth it and the two escape back into the tower and attempt to get back to Markus and Gregor.

The two slaughter several Hellhounds and a dozen or so Cultists as they continue back into the tower and meet up with Thog, after which Inien takes a nap in the corner while the duo go on ahead.

She returns in part 10 as the gang is looting the tower with a pilfered wizard coffee machine, and is annoyed to find that all of her money was spent. After coming across Legen's Eye, she decides that she wants to destroy it and initiates a fight, with all but Gregor going against her.

Using teleportation and the spell Time Stop, she shoots a fireball at Markus and gives him a concussion, before casting several other defensive spells and going to sleep. She wakes up after one of Markus' imps steals her hat, and ends up biting her tongue when Ashe punches her hard in the jaw. Inien and Markus fight for a bit, though she expresses that she does not want to kill him.

When the artifact exploded, it was uncertain what happened to her other than that she placed a barrier and several binding circles, which saved Markus.

Romance of the Four Clans Edit

Inien later appeared in the last episode of Romance of the Four Clans arc, revealing that she had not been killed during the explosion on top of the tower. She offered her apologies to Markus about the whole deal and was glad to see him alive. Inien also gave him a book (having to do with tieflings) as a "preemptive" apology, asked that he not let Ashe know that she was in the city, and then left.[4]

The Greaster Episode Edit

Inien was also present in the Greaster Episode, which took place during the gang's stay in Onorhant. She goes out of her way several times to avoid being noticed by Ashe (including diving out the window of the Punchdome and into the pool in the Lily Clan gardens). She ultimately ends up taking away the Chili Golem after the group leaves, with the intention of eating it.

The Gods Are Gone Edit

She later returned in part 15 of The Gods Are Gone arc, revealing to Ashe that she did, in fact, survive the destruction of the wizard tower. She initiated combat with Ashe - first throwing various stones at her, before surprising her with a decoy. She summons flaming hounds and a fire giant, expressing that they "have a score to settle" and that it's the perfect time to do so with the "war" in Eocho going on.

She also summoned a strange shadow arm and aura to do combat with.

Inien and Ashe reconciled during the finale, after their fight ultimately ended in a stalemate. Inien expressed the anger she felt during the confrontation on the wizard tower, and apologized for her lack of transparency with the issue. Ashe also apologized, and mentioned that she'd like for them to talk sometime.

Inien added that she has "stories for centuries" that would "make Markus blush" as red as an imp.

Everything Is On Fire Edit

In part 11, when Gregor - who is enlarged - is sent flying over a wall by Narn, he's caught by Inien's mage hand, who offers to join the fight so long as they owe her afterward. She seems impressed by Markus' use of wild magic, and remarks that she is proud of him.

Markus and Inien are thrown across the park to the ground before Ashe, who sets to work on healing them. Ashe and Inien argue for a bit before the three all return to combat.

She reinforces Markus' magic, triplicating the effect of his spell, and later targets the effect of his enlargement spell on Gregor.

Inien specifies that they should nuke the remains of Narn with magic, and she and Markus throw fireballs at them in an effect to insure they stay down. She explains the way the seal likely operates, and shortly after it breaks, sending them all across the city to the Stone of Kairen.

When Gregor asks about her ability to sleep for short periods, she remarks that it was a habit formed after years of bad habits - including drinking lots of alcohol - and not something he should attempt. Inien also demonstrates a knowledge of spirits, and is bumped up to 3rd place on the list of those Ashe wants to talk to.

She, Markus, and Gregor head off to the Shrine together. She expresses a distaste for hugs.

The trio discuss the state of the Shrine, and she is annoyed by their bizarrely specific knowledge of wood, as well as Markus' apparent ability to smell magic. She also explains the structure of a "mage state" to the two, and that she and Gregor would be in one of the lower castes, while Markus, as a sorcerer, would be among the top.

They inspect the statues within, each one of the old deities from Xinkala, and Inien sounds remorseful at her own bad eyesight as "magic-eye damage builds up over the years".

After uncovering the seal, she explains how it's like the lasting effect like a glass left on a counter without a coaster. Once Markus gets his tongue stuck to the floor, she lets loose grease to free him from it. Together, they realize exactly where all the spirits went to after the Great Iconoclasm, and she and Gregor lick the seal together.

When Kyr comes running to the Shrine, being chased by Narn, Inien is outside smoking. The trio engages in combat, and she casts Haste on Markus - though shortly after she acknowledges it was a bad idea. Out of magic, Gregor picks her up and places her on his back (making her the most embarrassed she'd been in two weeks). With her clinging to his back like a cape, Gregor strikes Narn, and the duo are knocked backwards onto Markus.

She acts mostly as support throughout the fight, using her magic to enhance the others' creative attacks and providing witty - if occasionally insightful - remarks. After the battle, Ashe steals Markus' handshake from her.

She and Markus work together on the remaining seal, and casts a spell on Ashe as she leaves. On the walk back to the Rise, she plans to use her defense and knowledge of the seal as a resume to obtain some kind of job as a means of acquiring funds once more, as well as getting a nice dinner.

Markus, Kyr, Colvin, Gregor and Inien all have food together at the Punchdome and discuss the fight they just had. She expresses disappointment at Markus' altruism, and is proud of the fact she never paid them for her original job. When a plethora of guards rush in to fan over Markus and Kyr, she attempts to bask in the fame with them, but is ignored.

The Village of Corpses Edit

Inien expresses slight annoyance at the trio of Gregor, Markus, and Kyr going out when they're still injured, but ends up tagging along with them anyway. She recognizes Sergei Harper, and remarks that he is bad news. Alongside Kyr, Markus, Gregor, Colvin, Zalvetta, and Harper, they journey to Yeoval in Kuravia.

She introduces herself to Harper, mentioning that she likes staying unknown, though he appears to know who she is. After Harper vanishes, she suggests they split up, but Markus and Kyr adamantly refuse. Despite this, she heads off on her own.

After her own grave is mentioned, she finds that the mystery is getting more exciting, and ventures to the Inn for a drink. She also finds the gang's fear-induced antics unamusing, and tells them they should try and find more excitement in it all - though she adds that watching their reactions is half the fun.

She ends up tied in a knot as the group, tied together, approaches the strange spirit after it emerges from a fire in the center of the town. Together, they all flee into the mansion in the north end of town.

Inien explains that she could undo the curse upon Gregor were she given about a day, as it's a strong curse and requires strong magic to undo. When the lights go out, she casts Haste on everyone, and, after walking into a wall, dispels the magic and returns the lights. Kyr and Markus are missing, leaving her with Gregor and Zalvetta.

The trio talk and head down the hall, Inien speculating as they walk. When Zalvetta gets got, she sounds earnestly panicked, holding the tiny owl form of Gregor to her chest as a shield. She recognizes the supposed "mummy" as an Onorhian tackleball player, Ball'ban, and throws Gregor at him.

She chases after the duo and tackles him to the ground, impressing even herself. She then breaks the mummy's - actually a zombie's - knee with a lead pipe. They lock the mummy back in a sarcophagus.

Inien was concerned and confused after his curse wore off. After giving him a feather - still containing the curse - he begins chasing her with it, and she threatens him.

She and Gregor meet up with Markus, who is in tears after Kyr has gotten got. They continue down a hall and come to some strange magical mist, with both her and Markus investigating it before reaching a bedroom.

They investigate the things in the room and Inien rests on the bed for a bit. She discovers a closet filled with costumes, and dons the witch hunter costume, with a tackleball helmet instead of the proper hat. They investigate the journal left there, and she speculates on how Illverk might be luring in tourists.

They run into Kyr and Colvin on the other side of the mist, and Colvin swats the mist away, reuniting the two groups. Inien and Markus stomp on Kyr's zombie dog costume together as it appears to gain sentience.

In their ultimate plan to unmask Illverk, it's presumed she provided the grease that the spirit slips on. She also throws owl-Gregor, causing Ball'ban to tackle the spirit while chasing the tackleball-like bird. She suspects the spirit to be Harper, though it is not.

When Verne offers to discuss magic with Markus, Markus invites Inien - she agrees to join them. When Markus discusses his being a sorcelock, Inien chimes in that he said the other day he was instead a "demagus". He denies it.

Verne and Markus leave, and Inien complains about him finding another mage-friend and treating her like chopped liver.

Liquor and Spirits Edit

Inien is one of those dragged along to join Markus and Gregor in guarding the city. She, like the others, is extremely tired. She expresses annoyance that there are "only four people of note here" and yet are supposed to cover the entire city.

She walks up behind Markus and blasts the "Kyr-horn", shooting snakes out of it and scaring him. She, angrily, grabs one and crushes it. When Markus runs away some, she tackles him, and there's the sound of snapping bones. She drags him with her to the Inn, and agrees with Gregor to "scrim-scram" (scrimmage) later. Inien grabs some of the beer from behind the bar to give to everyone.

Later, in the bar, Inien sits around reading a book from her book club, "Pally-Dan's Adventures". She complains about the portrayal of spirits, claiming it is "all lies". She remarks on how quiet the city is and leads them to go squatting in an empty bookshop, including knocking over a shelf of Ballast McGee's books so Markus can step all over them.

Splendor's Eve 2: Redemption Edit

Dungeon Truck Edit

Inien accompanied Markus, Gregor, Ashe, Kyr, and Thog to Kuravia to "truck" the advertised dungeon. During the first floor, she really got into breaking the dungeon, heartily going through walls and breaking the traps. However, after she was heavily injured on the second floor, she swapped herself out with Kyr and proceeded to watch the rest of the group's journey from the clairvoyance ball set up outside. She and Thog lead the crowd in the long-awaited "Dungeon Truck" chant.

Appearance Edit

Inien is somewhat short, though her hat adds a few inches to her height. Her hair is long and dark, reaching down to the middle of her back, and her eyes are a bright amber. Her skin is somewhat tanned.

She carries a large maroon book (her spellbook) in gloved hands. A blue cloak of light and dark hues drapes out around her, the inside of which is red. She wears what appears to be a mixture of a dress and a jacket in purple-and-blue overtop a white shirt and bike shorts. She also wears a belt with a twisted buckle and knee-high boots.

When Inien appears later in Romance of the Four Clans, her appearance has changed drastically and her clothes almost resemble pajamas. Her hair is now tangled and wild, stretching down past her lower back. She wears maroon pants with pockets, and appears to no longer be carrying her spellbook.

Her shirt is a deep blue, showing a wand with a star tip. The only legible text reads "Spelling Champion" - it also appears to be slightly too big for her, hanging loosely off her shoulder and scrunched up at the bottom. Both her shirt and pants are covered in a multitude of stains. The full text is "Lucas Merlin's 608th annual SPELLING CHAMPION - Master of unknowable tongues." [5]

Personality Edit

According to Jay, when it comes to her alignment: "Depending on who you ask, Inien is either pure evil or… slightly less evil. Her actions vary depending on the people she’s surrounded by, and she doesn’t quite bind herself through action to a particular alignment. In her own words, 'A bastard today could be your best friend tomorrow. Fickleness is a sign of intelligence. Why people ever stop thinking and rethinking who they are and what they want is beyond me.'"[6]

She has a tendency to be blunt and straightforward to the point of being mean, though it pairs with a brutal honesty. In her own words, "[she] live[s] to judge things".

She also drinks a lot.[7]

Abilities Edit

Inien classifies herself as a witch, as she possesses the capability to cast spells and does constrain herself to society. She seems to favor spells of the transmutation school, and is even capable of casting the powerful spell Time Stop.[8]

The spells she has been shown casting thus far are:

  • Time Stop, a spell that can stop time
  • Haste
  • Grease
  • Fireball
  • An unknown spell that allows magic to ping harmlessly off whoever she targets with it
  • An unknown spell that places a sigil that allows teleportation
  • A spell that removes all the blood from the outside of a person
  • A spell that puts clothes on the inside of a person
  • A spell that caves a person's head in
  • A spell that fires a line of electricity
  • Teleportation
  • A line in the ground that causes a detonation of force when crossed
  • Stoneskin, and later Ironskin
  • A glyph that repels any projectiles that hit her
  • Granting Ashe and Markus incredible strength, allowing them to defeat a crocodile with ease
  • "Destabilizing" an imp moments before it explodes
  • A spell that increases gravitation exponentially depending on the target's size
  • A very poor facsimile of an eldritch blast

Binding circles and an arcane barrier were also used to save herself and Markus from the explosion of Legen's Eye.

During her fight with Ashe, she summoned "flames shaped like canines" and a giant of fire. She also summoned a strange, shadowy aura that killed the ground beneath her feet and used to support a more melee-based fight.

She later displayed a capability with metamagic, the ability to enhance spells - even those that are used by others. She triplicated Markus' spell, and later allowed him to directly target the effects of Enlarge Person.

Inien also mentions at one point that she's sure she has "a meteor tucked away".

As she is a wizard and not a sorcerer, she eventually runs out of spells and must prepare them when she wants to use them, and can apparently cast only 9 or so spells before she must rest again. However, she is "a special case among wizards" in that so long as she's unconscious for a bit, she can immediately use spells again, instead of having to rest for several hours; the longer she sleeps, the better magic she gets.

She also has a relatively low "magic battery", and that while learning new spells is incredibly easy, casting what she does know is limited. She also must cut a lot of corners in order to achieve her spells' effects.

Colvin also mentions that Inien "is kind of a lazy bastard, but she is tougher than anyone, [himself] included."[9]

Inien also has a good knowledge of magic, far surpassing Markus', though she knows little of sorcery. She also knows about magical bindings, seals, and restrictions from her time in the Runecarvers' Guild.[10]

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Little is known about her family, though she mentions during her appearance at the end of Romance of the Four Clans that she is staying with her nephew while in Onorhant.[11]

Other Edit

Ashe Edit

Ashe and Inien's relationship can best be described as that of frenemies. Though the two started out on relatively good terms, Inien's sarcasm and Ashe's insecurity tended to cause conflict between them, and Inien enjoys making fun of Ashe at almost any given opportunity.

While passing through the room of wizard drugs, she pointedly sped up Ashe and ruined her attempt to get both her and Markus through relatively unscathed, furthering Ashe's ire - Ashe immediately ran up to her and punched her in the face.[12] Ashe later responds to Inien's insults by calling her disappointing, and each end up establishing they won't stop their insulting so long as the other does so.

While fighting Colvin, the two ultimately team up and decide to teach the group a lesson at the second failed tabletop attempt.

Later, the duo bicker while locked in a broom closet, causing Ashe to have an annoyed outburst, though they seemed to gain a begrudging respect for each other after they kill multiple Cultists together while escaping.

During the fight with her on top of the tower, Ashe displays immense hatred for Inien. When Markus mentions seeing her in the Romance of the Four Clan, Ashe also immediately gets aggressive - Inien is hiding from Ashe and is aware of the former's hatred for her.

After their fight in the park in Xinkala, the two had a talk and, for lack of a better word, reconciled. Inien mentioned she initiated the fight so the two could fight out their feelings. She also implied she cared about Ashe's opinion of her. Ashe asked about Inien's opinion, and Inien's response can be summed up as "interesting".

The fight, ultimately, worked - Ashe went so far as to offer to heal her afterwards.

Markus Edit

Though he was apprehensive of her at first, Markus and Inien quickly ended up bonding over their mutual interest and experience with magic. She also seems to take amusement in his embarrassment and failures, though she stands equally impressed by his magical ability. He, in return, enjoys learning new things from her and cooperating in magical endeavors, and at one point admits that "[she's] got style".

She easily delivers a "complisult" at one point, and Markus takes it in stride. Inien also shows amusement at Markus' bizarre habits, like scrap gathering and his affinity for imps. They have some bonding moments together when separated from the rest of the group, each appreciating having someone who understands them for once. She demonstrates envy for his sorcery, and he expresses his affection for a "good Grease spell".

Though they fight on the top of the wizard tower, Markus acknowledges that Inien likely doesn't want to kill him as she would attack him with something other than a fireball if that was the case, though he still retaliates with a large chunk of his considerable magical arsenal. Indeed, when Legen's Eye exploded, she placed a barrier split between the two of them and likely saved his life.

She also received a verse in "Lords and Ladies", in the Velafitine's Day Special, as she appears to be one of Markus' many love interests. Inien seems to at least feel similar, as she pictures him standing in the nude after walking past the wizard drugs,[13] and gives him a book as a preemptive apology after meeting him again in Onorhant.

After the awakening of Markus' demonic magic, she remarks that she is proud of him, and later states that he is "more badass then [he] used to be".

Gregor Edit

Inien and Gregor are on good terms and, despite their differing alignments, neither seems to dislike the other. Gregor was the only one to defend Inien's view during the fight on top of the tower during Wizard High School. She remarks at one point that she "doesn't want to hate [him]" even as he embarrasses her.

After he falls to the floor and turns back into a human after being cursed into an owl, she sounds genuinely concerned for his safety, stating that if he does it again she will genuinely freak out.

She, at one point, even calls him her friend.[14]

Harlock Edit

The two are frequent penpals, Inien is also apparently th one who gives Harlock information on for the Docier of the group's abilities and knowledge.

Colvin Edit

Colvin seems to know Inien, as he remarks on her when her true name is brought up. He stole her 4.4 million gold and Legen's Eye out of the vault of the Runecarver's Guild, thus starting the events of Wizard High School. She also describes him as "kinda really stupid" and seems as though she does not think much of him.[15]

After he demonstrates further use of his lone sorcery, Message, she voices that "she hates this person" as it can do almost anything,[16] though while trying to destroy Legen's Eye, she mentions that she does not want to kill him.[17]

Despite him stealing her 4.4 million gold, she appears to hold no lasting resentment towards him - in fact, she is seen eating at the Punchdome several times. During the second SpellxTension Livestream, he also referred to her as a friend.

Trivia Edit

  • Inien originally looked somewhat different. She was taller, wore less purple, and her design was simpler overall.[18]
  • Inien has become synonymous with potatoes due to a sack of potatoes taking her place during the Velafitine's Day Special, as she was presumed dead at the time of recording.[19]
  • She received an unofficial theme in the April Fools' Day special. The potato scenes were filmed by Jay and sung by Jackson.[20] The potato was later eaten.[21]
  • Inien first appeared in a short story written by Jay, which also featured Colvin. [cite podcast]
  • She also teamed up with Ashe for the Single's Night Drawstream to answer various relationship questions. Most of her advice was terrible.[22]
  • She became a main character after the events of episode 100, and gained her own character card. She is listed as level 20 (and her experience appears to be maxed out).
  • She was also featured in a number of drawings scattered throughout the episode.
  • When walking isn't an issue, she'd wear loafers. [23]
    • If it became cold enough, she'd probably wear Uggs.


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