Mysterious masked man

First Appearance "Romance of the Four Clans Part 2"
Alias The Mysterious Masked Man, The Lion-Masked Man, Horaven the Hero
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Ban, Onorhant
Race Human
Class Shaman/Paladin
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Age 31
Birthday Unknown

The path I've chosen - the truth, divorced from the persona - it's... it's one I've willingly taken upon myself. What you see and what I am is something very different.
Horaven is an NPC from Onorhant. He first appeared in Romance of the Four Clans.


When he was younger, Horaven trained in swordsmanship alongside Zeke with their master, who was later revealed to be the spirit Kairen.


Though he first came across as stalwart and imposing, Horaven has shown himself to have a very considerate and occasionally even lighthearted personality.

He describes himself as somewhat two-faced - presenting as "Horaven the Hero" to the people of Xinkala, a strong leader who doesn't need a clan to get by; and one of the many masked Ban under the lead of Xin.


Horaven is a master combatant, able to wield the two large swords he carries with deadly efficiency.

He is also able to use divine magic, using his shamanistic abilities to call on various spiritfolk for help, though he claims that he is not particularly skilled with it.



Horaven seems to have a fondness for Ashe, going so far as to take her to the Ban Village following the battle with Narn.


Horaven and Xin seem to be long-time friends, with Horaven well aware of Xin's various tricks and habits. Horaven mentions that he sees Xin as a friend, although Xin "doesn't like that very much".

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