You don't need to throw greasy fireballs around you to have power. I was dealt a hand where everyone I loved died; I just did a bunch of pushups, and now look at me.
Gregor Hartway


Gregor shirtless

Young Gregor

First Appearance "Idiot, Devil, Drunkard"
Alias Gregor's Evil Twin, Gregor Spellway
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliations Nine Shrines Adventure Agency, The Outriders, Renalan
Race Human
Class Helpful Warblade, Fighting Man, then Leader
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Age Likely around 17-19
Birthday June 1st

Gregor Hartway is a main character and one of the series' three protagonists in Thrilling Intent.

History Edit

Gregor was born in Renalan[1] to a family of rock farmers. He was eight years old when his village was raided and his family devoured by owlbears. He was saved by the Outriders, a famous band of monster slayers, whom he shortly joined and came to regard as a second family. Alongside other children from similar circumstances, he was trained in combat and became an apprentice to their leader, Ventis. The Outriders were slaughtered under as of yet unexplained circumstances. He now seeks to recreate The Outriders and become the leader he was apprenticed to be.

Meadshire allowed Gregor into their bogus adventurer program in exchange for strength training but regretted it when he refused to play along and escape from jail as intended. Thog hired Markus to remove Gregor and they've been traveling together ever since.

Appearance Edit

Gregor has a small, lean, athletic frame and a youthful appearance. He has brown eyes and long brown hair that he keeps tied back, wears a long red shirt over loose white pants, leather pauldrons and a leather chest piece. His clothes hide numerous battle scars. The symbol of The Outriders has been branded onto his chest.

Personality Edit

Gregor is cheerful and optimistic, polite, and a bit naive. His strong sense of justice leads him to help and protect the innocent, particularly by killing monsters. While he does not seek gratitude, he responds well to encouragement and does value official recognition of his martial prowess in the form of titles. He has great confidence in his abilities and his weapon, and while to some it may come off as arrogance, he rarely disappoints. When not killing monsters, he enjoys training, knitting and gardening. One of his worst fears is losing his friends.

He appears untroubled, even dismissive, of the tragedy in his life (although he does frequently have nightmares). His inner tranquility seems to come from his practice of rigid self-discipline and exercise. Many of his habits, such as his abstinence from meat and alcohol, are a holdover from his training with The Outriders. He has a strong attachment to his glaive and experiences severe separation anxiety when away from it. When Markus accidentally damages it, this causes Gregor to loudly exclaim "WHAT THE FUCK MARKUS," much to the groups surprise. However when directly confronted by a member of The Church during "The Calm" and "A Storm" Gregor becomes incredibly intense reverting back to his "persona", while Ashe and the rest of the group believed it was out of fear, "A Storm" revealed that while afraid it's also mixed with an incredible amount of rage.     

Gregor displays some typical qualities of a lawful good alignment, including black and white thinking and an unwillingness to consider the perspective of others. Though during all of the conflicts he's been in, he almost always seems to keep a level head and rarely raises his voice. He is decisive and acts without hesitation according to his convictions. He also commonly throws himself into harm's way to keep others from being harmed. His mentality, especially regarding monsters, can frighten others at times. Inien remarks how she's "afraid she'll say something that'll set Gregor off on a psychotic rampage," to which Gregor replied, "It's more like an organized slaughter."   

While often considered unintelligent, it's likely due to lack of proper education rather than natural lack of intelligence. He has displayed an amount of knowledge and understanding of monsters that's impressed even Inien.

In a fight he's usually one to take point, distracting the monster or enemy from the others and protecting them from harm. Much to Markus and Inien's surprise, he's a very good tactician and is willing to take hits and massive risks if it'll get him to his objective faster. The most notable examples are when he took a blow to the neck to get to Ashe during "Liquor and Spirits" and when he committed suicide so he could deal with Charoth's "Inky Black Creatures." Though, it seems in battle his attention can be shifted very easily by an ally, or more specifically Ashe, much to her dismay. 

Gregor has been shown to befriend some unusual people, such as Zalvetta and Inien. One would think they would butt heads because of their differing alignments. Whether he realizes their actions or not is another thing entirely, regardless he's wormed his way into the soft spots of a lot of cold-blooded people. Though Gregor remarks in Harpy's Nest "[that] he uses his position as someone's friend to influence others into being better people," and states that's what he's done with Ashe; whether he was being serious or not is unknown. Even with all the stress he can put the group under, they still manage to have a soft spot towards him, likely due to his intentions purely being based around helping people. 

Abilities Edit

Gregor is fast, very strong, capable of jumping long distances easily, and enjoys performing complicated flips and flourishes while fighting. An extensive knowledge of monster lore helps when it comes to determining his opponents' strengths and weaknesses. Like many of the Outriders, he's trained in archery. It should be noted that without his glaive, Gregor has trouble properly fight, but considering his strength, it's likely due to lack of comfort or confidence.

Gregor has shown to be immune to Verne's curses, the reason for this has yet to to be revealed.

His special combat abilities take the form of stances, some of which are:

  • Stance of Clarity; allows him to view the life history of an opponent
  • The Elusive Clam; increases his ability to evade attacks by wiggling
  • Charging Minotaur; allows him to charge straight ahead at an enemy at incredible speeds
  • Leaping Lizard; allows him to leap, make an attack, and leap again
  • Juking Jackrabbit; he hops back and forth
  • Flattening Flounder; Allows him to slip, and slide like a slippery fish. He can also spin at surprising speeds.

As well as two techniques:

  • Falling Star; a downward aerial attack
  • Comet Strike; a flip attack that sends an enemy flying backwards, requires haste.

He can also turn into an "owl" (with some assistance).

As observed in the Harpy's Nest, Gregor can now see the weak points/sources of magic attacks and possibly objects. His new glaive seems to resound with this new ability, making his reaction time much faster as the world seems to slow around him. We don't know where this ability came from, but it very well could be a side of seeing "The Verse."

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

  • Grandfather ("Grandpappy Hartway"; deceased)
  • Father ("Papa Hartway"; deceased)
  • Mother ("Mama Hartway"; deceased)

Ashe Edit

Despite the constant disagreements between the two of them, Gregor considers Ashe to be a close friend. He shows great concern whenever she leaves the group to contemplate, saying "I wish she would talk to us"; ironically, Gregor's refusal to discuss problems is often the cause of this. However after BIG WAR they have grown significantly closer as friends and haven't fought since. Though interestingly enough Ash was shown as one of Gregor's greatest fears during their fight with Lord Pyrethum during BIG WAR, Gregor did not seem to have much trouble dealing with the fear though. The exact reason for his fears taking her shape is unknown, but it could have been a representation of the party's inter group conflicts that just took the shape of Ashe due to the pair being at odds.

Markus Edit

Gregor is very close to Markus who he believes to have helped him prove his innocence in Meadshire. Gregor was originally distressed when Markus would enlarge him but has since grown to accept it. They are often goofing around with Kyr. Nonetheless, Markus is disappointed in Gregor when he finds out Gregor took Telvillian's Tear to Eocho without further discussing it with the group. Markus has and continually contradicts everything Gregor thought he knew about magic. While Markus believes he's a mentor figure to Gregor, it seems that Gregor doesn't share the same sentiment.

Kyr Edit

Much like with Markus, Gregor is shown to be close with Kyr and is often seen messing around with him and Markus. Kyr shares Gregor's interest in knitting and the two have been shown discussing knitting techniques. While Gregor trusts Kyr as a friend, he recognizes that there are some things Kyr should not be let near.

Inien Edit

Despite their obviously differing morals, Inien and Gregor get along surprisingly well. He ends up taking her side at the end of the Wizard High School arc. For whatever reason, Inien displays a soft spot towards Gregor, even saying how "she doesn't want to hate him" when he was trying to embarrassingly get her to sleep.

Dont Edit

Gregor was initially suspicious of Dont, unsure if she was a monster or not due to her unusual appearance, but later determined she was a good person. He is seen to be incredibly affectionate towards her in her pigbat form often seen cuddling and carrying her. During Wizard High School, Gregor shows great distress as the wizard drugs show him punting her. He wishes to stop the hostilities between her and Kyr. According to Dont, Gregor has asked her how night and day works on multiple occasions.

Zalvetta Edit

Despite the rest of the groups initial distrust of Zalvetta, Gregor ends up befriending him while carrying the Ban masks to Kyrlos. The pair are later seen hanging out and making frequent visits to the Punchdome. Zalvetta ends up stealing Telvillian's Tear from Markus so Gregor can help Eocho. They are shown to be good friends during the war when Zalvetta stumbles out of the brush and, despite being injured, greets Gregor with a smile. Afterwords, Zalvetta helped Gregor to defeat Kyrlos, teaming up with him and providing him weapons. Zalvetta confides in Gregor he found his presence comforting, especially because if he ever got out of control Gregor would "cut him down." After the group leaves Onorhant it is stated and showed that Gregor and Zalvetta keep in contact through letters. You can find one Gregor wrote to Zalvetta in The Calm arc's opening theme book.

Firi Edit

Gregor befriends her while searching for Ashe. She asks him to save her friend during the attack on Xinkala. When Firi shows an interest in monsters, Gregor is eager to tell her everything he knows about them. Firi also put him back together after he exploded into meaty chunks, making him a sort of familiar to her. She also seems to trust his judgement, as when he asks or tells her to do something, she does it with virtually no questions asked.

Kyrlos Edit

Kyrlos is extremely fond of Gregor and acts as a mentor figure towards him, as they both share the same Renalan heritage. When Gregor was riled up trying to get the Clans to help Eocho during the Ban occupation, Kyrlos was able to calm him down. He left his crossbow to Gregor in his will and tells him if he dies during their deathmatch, to lead the Rust Clan as their new leader. However, after Kyrlos killed most of the Conga Line and his own men, it is uncertain how Gregor feels for Kyrlos, especially now that he has killed the Clan Leader.

Aryn Edit

According to Gregor, Aryn was his best friend in the Outriders. It is unknown if the sentiment was mutual.

Narn Edit

Gregor sees Narn as a monster; a very tough monster at that. Despite Narn surrendering, Gregor tried to finish the job, likely under the impressions they had regenerative powers similar to most Spiritfolk and was just stalling for time. He's surprised and reluctantly goes along with Narn when he finds out they're Firi's friend. Gregor was brought back by Narn during the battle with Xin, coming in contact with something known as "The Verse." Narn also claimed to have made a pact with Gregor and that they "took something in return" before claiming it was Gregor's friendship.

Trivia Edit

  • He always signs his name with blood because no one has explained the concept of pens to him.
  • Gregor lost his sense of smell during The Adventure Began when Ashe attempted to heal him by running a large amount of Eos through him.[2]
  • Gregor has stage-fright.
  • It has been stated that his favorite stance is The Elusive Clam.[3]
  • Gregor cares little for Markus' literary work.
  • His hair apparently grows really fast. [4]
  • He is technically neither vegetarian nor vegan. Instead, he has specific rules, which is why he doesn't consume meat, booze or cinnamon. [5]
  • Despite the rest of the group in "The Village of Corpses" referring to his cursed form as an owl, Jay himself referring to him as a "rotund little owl beast" implies that he's not a complete owl and given that the transformation was based on Gregor's past trauma, it's quite possible he was transformed into a young owlbear. Jay was asked about this during a stream and replied that "Jackson had recently asked a similar question, and that we would find out later."   

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