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The Glaive of the Waves was a weapon, wielded by Gregor before it's destruction by Kyrlos.

History Edit

Gregor glaive ref by framedodge-d99yobl.png

The wave pattern

The unrefined glaive that served as a base for the Glaive of the Waves originally belonged to Gregor and he shows an extreme amount of attachment to it still.

In The Shrouded Isles (arc), the group arrives on Tesir and asks a water spiritfolk, Xandal, for help with crossing between the islands safely. Aside from giving them the lantern, Xandal also reforges Gregor's glaive into the Glaive of the Waves. It gains a wave pattern on the sides as well as new, magical properties and an unusual sharpness.

It was cracked by one of Markus' eyebeams during a battle with Horaven.

It finally shatters beyond repair at the end of Gregor's battle with Kyrlos in "BIG WAR Part 26".

Abilities Edit

The glaive is extremely sharp and serves as a potent weapon in Gregor's hands. It also gives its wielder minor regenerative properties - upon recieving it, Gregor mentions it makes him feel 'tingly'.

The glaive can also apparently help calm distressed people down with is natural soothing magic. Gregor likes to achieve this by placing the flat of the blade against a person's (usually Ashe) cheek.