Video Link Youtube
Stream Date June 26, 2015
Stream Length 2:25:24
GM Jay
Guests None
Appearing characters SalChameleon Eyes, Rob, Factotum Beerfathem, and Stan the Wolfman,
Location Unknown

The Fiasco livestream is the first non-cannon livestream hosted by The Third Wheel on the 26th of June, 2015. It follows a strange cast as they get into trouble after saving a town from a dragon.

Summary Edit


SalChameleon Eyes, Rob, Factotum Beerfathem, and Stan the Wolfman, after saving a town from a dragon, spend their time in the Bucks and Wenches. Stan eventually steals from the inhabitants of the bar. 

 After the fact, Factotum, Stan, and Rob leave to bury their goods into the woods, with Sal running away in terror. After getting confronted by the authorities, the three are taken back to the station for questioning. Factotum and Bobbert are then thrown in jail.

 Sal convinces the rest of the crew to break Factotum out. Where after they leave to steal the rest of the brewskis that was being served to him. Factotum kills a guard in the process.

 After escaping the prison, the quartet leaves to bury the body of the guard. Stan convinces Sal to stuff the guard in the hole that had already been dug in a rather violent manner.

  They stay at a another tavern, searching for food. However, guards break-in in an attempt to capture the quartet. Factotum beats them up, and they make their escape.

 Trying to escape the guards, they hide in the cavern in which they slayed the dragon which may or may not be cursed.

 Inside the cavern, Bobbert reacts to the dragon spirit. Sal attempts to convince the rest of the group to throw the spear away.


 Factotum places the ham into the dragon heart. Rob receives word that his goblin army was destroyed. Rob then repeatedly stabs Salchameleon Eyes, in an attempt to use another blood ritual to revive his kind.

 The dragon then begins to return to live through Sal. Sal slashes Stan, who also becomes a dragon like being. Sal begin to reign fire over the town. Factotum and Stan crack open brewskis in response. Sal is taken in by the police.

 At the bar, Rob receives word that Sal attacked more goblins. They continue to do nothing.

 Weeks later, the trio is called to court by Sal. Factotum gains full custody of Bobbert. Sal attacks the trio.


 Rob is crushed by Sal, Stan's arm is bitten off by Sal, Factotum then attacks Sal for absorbing Bobbert. Stan leaves and buries himself. Rob is snatched up by Sal in an attempt to find a cure for his dragon form.

 Factotum searches for Stan but never finds him.

 Sal and Rob search for a while, but eventually rebuilt his goblin kingdom, that's only a shadow of its former self.

 Approximately 20 years later, After years of brewskis and a dealing with a radioactive goblin bite, Stan the ManWolf emerges from the earth, and merely remarks: "Cool." And cracks open a brewski.

Cast Edit

Fae- SalChameleon Eyes- A Morty of a wizard. Killed Rob's father, whom declared a goblin war on him. Has a degree in economics.

Jackson- Rob Zoblin- A goblin.  

Matt- Factotum Beerfathem- a beer hungry dwarf that had dedicated himself to Stan.

Jay- Stan the ManWolf- A jerk. Beat Factotum in combat and became his master. Has jeans

Bobbert (varies)- Sentient spear that was the result of a blood ritual between Factotum and Sal. Can cry like a child. Factotum treats it as his child.