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Video Link Youtube
Stream Date Jul 31, 2015
Stream Length 4:06:14
GM Jay
Guests Burnarator


Appearing characters Chauncey Filigree, Caspian, Nichalaus, Nym, Bor
Location The Alaran Empire

The game played during the Dungeon World Livestream follows a group of four bank robbers (plus one mid-game recruit), as they pull a heist on the Vault of Wonders. It uses the Dungeon World ruleset in place of the typical DnD/Pathfinder rules used for Thrilling Intent.


[00:00 - 06:36] The preamble to the stream and introduction of the first guest, Burn ("Burnarator"), who also plays characters in the webseries Ardenfell, Rifts and Corsairs. Jackson breaks out his "Old-timey Steve" impression.

[06:36] A group of bank robbers consult with Steve of Steve's Discount Break-ins inside the cabin of a fake ice-cream boat on an unpleasant artificial lake smelling of oil in the middle of the Alarani Expanse, a desert in the middle of the continent. They've gathered to plan a heist on the grandest bank in the country of Alaran, The Vault of Wonders. The members of the group introduce themselves: thief-and-businessman Chauncey Filigree, ex-professor Nichalaus, newly graduated wizard Nym, and drop-out student Caspian. Steve outlines the plan: they'll arrive at the abandoned dock at the back of the vault in their boat, get past any guards in the surrounding artificial oasis (including "suppression wizards" who can detect impure intentions), get past the bank tellers on the top floor, pull their heist on the first underground layer of the bank "The Ring of Movement", and get back out again. Steve supplies the group with disguises, one-way dimensional holding items called "sacks of Gription" that they can use to carry loot, and stresses that they need to keep away the thugs looking for ice-cream when they exit the getaway boat (too many jobs gone bad...). After a brief side conversation between Nichalaus and Steve regarding any lessons Nich should be teaching Steve's step-nephew Caspian ("Just get him to shave the soul patch."), the group exits the boat.

[25:45 - 30:15] "First Intermission". The return of Old-timey Steve. The group talks about goals for the campaign and bets on who will survive.

[30:15] The bank robbers arrive at the dock to a group of thugs and guards chanting for ice-cream. However, since the ice-cream boat is only a cover vehicle, all the group has is a single paper mache ice-cream sundae that Chauncey pulls out of his coat, and that Nym then enchants to be cold. Chauncey successfully starts a rock-paper-scissors bidding war for their blatantly fake ice-cream sundae, and the group starts walking past the thugs. On the way, Chauncey attempts to pick a thug's pocket and fails, instead grabbing the thug's belly, but quickly salvages the situation by starting a sales pitch for a weight-loss product. Caspian opens his "book of eldritch lyrics" and sings a theme song to help with the impromptu live advertisement for Chauncey's product: an oversized rubber band that he slaps over a thug's belly in demonstration. The group successfully moves past the docks without any combat.

[37:55] Chauncey and Nichalaus congratulate Nym on the magic he performed on the fake ice-cream as the group enters the oasis. Chauncey makes Nym a series of business propositions, while Nichalaus cautions him against any business dealings with Chauncey. Walking forwards, they encounter a group of guards on break smoking cigars. Nym detects that one of the cigars is magical in nature and the group decides to steal it on their way by. Caspian makes the first move, joining the table of thugs as if he belongs there, and Chauncey also pulls out his own cigar and casually joins the thugs. Nym casts the spell charm person on the thug with the cigar, who then believes him to be "Rick", a recently-turned vampire friend thought to have been eaten in the "Ring of Blood". While Nym distracts the guard, Chauncey manages to swap the magical cigar with his own. They again manage to talk their way past the thugs and guards without raising an alarm, and stop a safe distance away to examine the cigar. Nym identifies it as a Hydra Cigar that will grow back when the end is cut off (it's considered an "invasive species" in Alaran), and Chauncey throws it in his sack.

[48:00] The group of bank robbers approaches the mind-reading wizards, who are occupied with holding back the desert at the edge of the artificial oasis. Chauncey struggles to keep his mind off of stealing things, so Caspian sings a song about blood and death to help him out. The wizards briefly take note of the groups, but they successfully pass unchallenged.

[51:53] Entering the Vault of Wonders through the front door, the group passes through a corridor filled with marble columns, gold statuary, and golden filigree inlaid into the floor. As they approach the tellers, Chauncey ducks behind a column and begins to chisel off a piece of the floor filigree. He removes a portion of the gold plating, the sound luckily masked by the screeching of several rat imps in line at the tellers. As Caspian and Nich briefly strike up a conversation with one of the wizards enforcing line etiquette at the tellers, Chauncey back-cuts behind the customer at the front of the line. Caspian unsuccessfully attempts to convince the wizards that the entire group should join in the back-cutting and is enchanted to be weighed down to the ground. Nich hastily promises the wizards that they'll get back to the end of the line, except for Chauncey who was forgotten in the commotion and persuades one of the bank tellers that he needs 4 entry permit wristbands. Motioning the rest of the group to follow, they proceed to the gateway leading to the employee-only area of the bank. Chauncey considers pick-pocketing a man who had just exchanged a 1-million gold bill, but Nich shuffles him along. The customer in line after Chauncey deposits one of his rat imps into the bank for "safekeeping". 

[1:04:31] Claiming to be a tour group, the four bank robbers talk their way past the thugs guarding the gateway leading to the elevator into the Vault. On the way, they make a quick detour to the bathroom so that Caspian can take a smoke break. Nym examines the snake-head faucets at the sinks, which are a type of magical artifact that speak a phrase and spout water when activated. Chauncey tries, and fails, to pry one off the wall with a crowbar. The group joins a bank teller carrying a rat imp in the elevator which descends slowly into the first layer of the vault.

[1:11:50 - 1:33:24] Second Intermission, and the introduction of a second guest, Squee ("SpiffySquee", the DM of Ardenfell and Rifts), to the stream. A recap of events up to this point. Some explanation of Dungeon World mechanics, including insight into the character classes and the "bonds" or prior relationships between the characters.

[1:33:24] Entering the first room of the Ring of Movement, the group see thugs and guards moving boxes and objects around. There they encounters Bor, a bank employee and Alarani Paladin in-training who had previously "liberated" a shop with Chauncey, and who Nym knew of from the University. Chauncey greets Bor and quickly convinces him that they are there to perform an audit and take away anything that isn't properly documented. He successfully recruits Bor as their man on the inside, while keeping Bor entirely oblivious that he's actually joining a group of bank robbers. Taking a cue from his guidebook, "Paladining 101" Bor decides to take up the "quest to complete an audit" and receives a boon to "pierce any falsehood". He'll get a tingling feeling whenever someone tells him a lie from this point on. Meanwhile, the loud talk of auditing draws a group of thugs and guards, one of whom Chauncey nervously holds at knifepoint when he gets too close. Bor attempts to command the thugs to comply with their audit, with a less than successful result. Surprisingly, the group yet again manages to avoid combat as they leave the room, although one of the guards disappears down a hallway after a whispered conversation with a thug...

[1:46:45] The group of "auditors" stop to ask Bor where they may find the most valuable items in the Ring. However, before they can get a clear answer Nich hears the footsteps of thugs in the distance and pushes Bor into a side hallway, motioning for the rest of the group to hide around the corners and out of sight in a dead-end storage room. One of the thugs rushes into the room after them, but Nym quickly casts a sleep spell at him. While the thug does fall asleep, the group makes enough commotion to draw in a pair of guards. Chauncey attempts to "hide" by starting a "raunchy make-out session" with the unconscious thug. Unsettled by the sight, the guards do not immediately draw their weapons, giving time for Nich to grab one guard and for Nym to send them both to sleep. With all guards unconscious, Nich angrily confronts Chauncey about his idea of "hiding" which briefly becomes a group intervention about his belief in being a dwarf, before the group re-focuses on "auditing" the room.

[1:55:30] Nym begins by investigating the table full of magical fish in one corner of the room. The first one that he picks up for his sack is a talking fish that turns out to be a Red Herring. Nich also takes one, thinking it might later be handy for distracting guards. While Caspian and Chauncey are occupied with "deporting" a safe in the other corner, Bor seems to be checking on the condition of the sleeping guards. Nich and Nym realize Bor's intentions too late to stop him from bludgeoning the slacking guards to death as punishment. Opening the safe with Nym's help, Chauncey finds a heart and scoops it into his sack, which disturbingly then begins speaking backwards. Bor mops blood off the floor. Back at the table of fish, Nym finds an Oil Guppy ("Squeeze it! It fires oil!"), while Nich searches the pile of books and finds several volumes of smutty sailor romance novels. Nym takes the novels excitedly, proclaiming them to be by his favourite author, Markus Velafi. The last thing Nym finds at the fish table before departing the room is a small blue turtle called The Turtle Of Sadness.

[2:07:00] The group plans their route to the next room, deciding to begin with stealth before confronting the "people who are slacking". Nym casts an invisibility spell on Nich, who goes ahead with Caspian - passing himself off as a thug with a club - to create a distraction. While Nich maneuvers into ambush position behind a thug, Caspian loudly enters the room and is confronted by a thug who suspects him of being one of the auditors. After destroying a couple of artifacts to prove his disinterest in stealing anything, Caspian still fails to convince the guards, and Nich decides it's time to break cover. He fatally stabs the thugs in front and beside him, though one thug lands a hit with his club before dying.

[2:17:18] Hearing the commotion, Chauncey rushes into the room and kills the thug who had been confronting Caspian. Another thug activates an artifact in the centre of the room that causes a gust of wind to throw everyone backwards, which accidentally impales a thug to death on a barricade, and stuns Nich and Caspian. Bor berates the guards for their poor treatment of "customers" and threatens them while Nym casts a couple of sleep spells, sending 6 guards/thugs to sleep. Bor then sees a pair of sleeping thugs covered in spilled wine at a liquor rack, and attacks them in such a rage that he misses in his first attempt to bludgeon them. Meanwhile, Chauncey had landed at the other rack and grabbed several bottles of strange liquor to shove in his sack before pocketing the artifact that caused the wind. He moves on to rolling up a painting across the room, and is ambushed by a thug who throws a bottle of spiders at him. Chauncey uses the wind artifact on the spiders, throwing stunned spiders around the room and especially at Nich (who swiftly crushes them) and Caspian (who doesn't care). After consulting his paladining book, Bor takes another swing at the thugs and is resoundingly successful.

[2:31:48] Chauncey throws a dagger at the thug with the spider bottles, who knocks into the wine rack behind him and sets off all the bottles to start fizzing. Sensing the impending detonation, Chauncey takes cover in a chest of artifacts and everyone else shields themselves behind various objects, except Bor, who moves to deal with a group of sleeping guards directly in the path of the blast and ends up covered in shrapnel. The loud noise wakes the sleeping guards and draws more attention from adjacent rooms. Chauncey leaves the chest and examines the items found within, including: a sticky rug that gets stuck to his hand, a broom that gets stuck to the rug and begins levitating (and Chauncey along with it), an "oversized pinecone" (gets stuck to the rug), a "skull of a creature with elongated teeth" (stuck to the rug), and a "small topiary of a hen" (stuck to the rug).

[2:37:33] Nich hands Caspian a "red herring" to throw at the approaching guards to the south as a distraction, and then pulls a bottle full of a "mysterious substance" from a nearby wine rack and throws it at the oncoming guards in the north, killing one instantly. Bor is confused that his companions would attack the reinforcements coming to help them reprimand the slacking guards. While Nich assures Bor that the oncoming guards are going to interfere with their quest, it becomes apparent that Chauncey is floating well above the floor due to the combination of levitating broom and the topiary that has been growing uncontrollably since he first touched it. Caspian throws Chauncey towards the guards in the North. He picks up a few mysterious bottles from Nich along the way, and throws the wind artifact into an awestruck guard's mouth as he's flying by overhead. The artifact detonates with explosive force, scattering shrapnel around the room (mostly back at Chauncey) and throws guards backwards with stunning force. Chauncey is detached from the sticky rug and all of its attached artifacts, which drift upwards to the ceiling.

[2:44:50] While Chauncey is out stunned, the other party members act. Nich starts weaponizing a table full of artifacts, carefully picking them up with a handkerchief to shield himself from their effects. Bor finds more guards to bloodily punish with some musical support from Caspian, until Nym accidentally puts him to sleep with a spell along with some guards. Nym, Caspian and Chauncey begin searching through more chests, while Nich kills a couple more guards before fumbling his dagger into a pile of glass. Nym finds a Lightwing Dagger that will summon razor sharp spectral feathers. Caspian finds a perforated ball that impales his hand with spikes. He takes damage, but weaponizes it as a morningstar. Chauncey pulls items out of his chest and lobs them at the nearest guards without examining them, one of the items being an Everturning Globe (which begins spinning away on the floor after impacting the thug) and another a Living Shadow that forces the impacted guard to pantomime his movements. The guard dies almost immediately, leaving Chauncey attached to a corpse puppet. Nich recovers his dagger and rummages through a chest, finding a pair of stockings. He slips one onto a branch the topiary which begins to grow faster with the power of the "Stockings of Blinding Speed". Slipping the the other stocking over a hand like a glove, he continues rummaging through chests.

[3:03:08] At this point the party members have either put to sleep or killed everything in the room (Bor is also sleeping). Caspian bellows loudly, waking up Bor and all the guards. Realizing that he had fallen asleep on the job, Bor has a brief mental breakdown before re-engaging the guards he had previously tried to kill. Seeing all of the blood and their dead comrades, the two guards have their own moment of clarity and flee to safety. A number of guards and thugs have positioned themselves behind a barricade to watch the situation unfold. Nym notices the situation with the quickly growing topiary approaching the everturning globe and casts a spell of Dispel Magic on the globe, splitting it in two ricocheting halves. Nich moves over to another chest and finds a Gauntlet of Unbelievable Force, which he puts over the Stocking of Blinding Speed on his hand. It is a terrifying combination. Nich sends a wave of unbelievably powerful force into the topiary, cracking the skull stuck to the rug within and releasing an eldritch creature that begins to extend claws from the topiary. Chauncey jumps into his sack of gription. Nym grabs the sack and the party prepares to leave.

[3:13:00] With a barricade of guards armed with artifacts still to bypass and the foliage still growing, the group arms themselves for their exit. Bor is armed with his club that Nich upgraded by slipping the power gauntlet over it. Nym begins using the Lightwing Dagger as his main weapon, being no longer able to cast sleep spells. Nich finds a buckler rummaging through another chest...and Caspian finds a wig. They grab these items just in time as Bor slams the floor in front of the guard barricade with the power gauntlet and knocks over every chest in the room, causing a "soupy goop of nightmares" as artifacts activate. During the scramble to escape Caspian puts on the wig and grows a full beard. It hangs below his soul patch.

[3:18:50] As they make their way to the exit guards rush towards the elevator shouting that "They're going to flush the level!". Nich bats at a few with the gauntlet, finding out that it causes whatever it strikes to vanish and appear behind him. Wanting to avoid an elevator full of guards, they head for the stairs, finding that they only lead down to the "Ring of Breath". Nich consults Bor for their options and decides that they should take their chances with clearing out the elevator, with the other option being to seal themselves in airtight containers on the Ring of Breath. As they prepare to leave it briefly dawns on Bor that it's strange for the party to be using all of the items that they're supposedly auditing. The group takes a moment to persuade him, or at least distract him, before they move on. The last object that Nym finds before they take off for the elevator is a warhorn that will summon an unknown creature to his aid.

[3:25:10] The party reaches the elevator and the doors. Nich, who had been preparing to clear out the entire elevator with his gauntlet of displacement, is caught by surprise by the sheer number (29 Guards and Thugs plus the elevator operator) and decides to set Bor and the power gauntlet on them instead. Less than eager to continue the fight, the guards attempt to surrender, sparking a discussion with Bor about whether the "evil-doers" are able to repent. Meanwhile, the operator has brought the elevator back up to the main floor. Nich, Nym and Caspian leave Bor behind to menace the guards in the elevator. Bor gives them one last chance before he goes on a bloody rampage and insists that they all file out one-by-one and apologize to the party. They do. Upon seeing that Bor has instead decided to pardon all of the guards, Nich and Nym quietly make their exit through the front door. Caspian stays behind to wash up in the bathroom and lingers to listen to the apologizing guards. He gets in a fist fight with a wizard and is arrested. Having completed his quest, Bor waves goodbye with the gauntlet of power on the end of his club, firing off blasts.

[3:34:19] Nich and Nym pass by the group of mind-reading wizards again on their way up. Very conspicuous and covered in blood, they're almost afraid that they've been found out when one wizard calls for Nym to wait a minute. Instead, the wizard just gives Nym a thumbs-up as a fellow wizard, and the pair move on. It's the same with the group smoking cigars, where the man Nym charmed earlier flashes him a thumbs-up for being a "vampire". They arrive at the fake ice-cream boat where the group of guards has somehow finished the paper-mache ice-cream cone and are working out using the "weight-loss rubber band". Certain that this encounter will be difficult after the ease of the last two, Nich takes initiative and jumps at the guards swinging his displacement buckler. Taken by surprise, the first three guards are caught off guard and fall into the water. Indecisive of what he can do to help, Nym summons "Markus Velafi" through the planes to ask for advise that turns out less than useful. Meanwhile the next three guards are either disarmed or sent flying by the buckler before the last lands a hit on Nich. In the background Nym attacks with feathers summoned by his dagger and accidentally hits Nich in the process of taking out the last guard.

[3:42:18] Bor appears in the distance, chased by an angry mob. Critically wounded and bleeding out, Nich insists that even if he should die Nym and Steve need to take the boat out of there, but Nym is determined to wait for Bor. Nich begins to see the Burly Gates - the Alarani realm of the dead - but is ultimately spared from death. Bor jumps on the boat, Nich tells Steve to go, and Nym blows the warhorn he found as they pull away from the dock. He summons a creature that streaks down from the sky to engage the mob.

[3:46:30] Having successfully escaped, the three remaining party members meet with Steve inside the boat. Nym informs Steve of Caspian being arrested and Chauncey jumping into the sack. They cut open the sacks to examine the loot, also uncovering Chauncey's lacerated corpse ("Did he seriously jump in the bag? It's full of teeth."). Meanwhile, Bor had transferred Nich's wounds to himself with Lay on Hands, and is effectively unconscious and disoriented as Nich, Nym and Steve identify and split up the loot. Nich takes Chauncey's corpse intending to sell it.

[3:57:13] End of stream narration.



  • Chauncey: "Look Nich, the ages old accepted sign for getting paid under the table is when he kicks you in the shin. Have you been kicked in the shin?"
  • Nichalaus: "No...."
  • Chauncey: "Caspian, have you been kicked in the shin?"
  • Caspian: "No, but I can start."
  • Chauncey: (pause) "...Okay, well, my shins are as smooth as butter - bruise free. He doesn't want anything."


  • Steve: "These are knockoffs unfortunately, these are sacks of Gription...they're dimensional holding items, but they only go one way."
  • Chauncey: "Is it supposed to have teeth?"
  • Steve: "Yeah. It's for gripping."
  • Chauncey: "Oh, okay."
  • Nichalaus: "Same principle as a sack of holding just a little...worse?"
  • Steve: "That violates direct Alarani copyrights, I'm afraid." (coughs) "You're gonna haveta burn a bill in here in order to get away from that."
  • Nichalaus: I pull a bill out of my pocket and set it alight


  • Steve: "You can drop items in [the sacks of Gription] and if you cut 'em open, well, you can get your items back, BUT it's not a free give and take scenario. You put your hand in that, it's gonna get bitten off."
  • Nichalaus: "Oh...noted...what happens if we put a head or hand of someone else in there...?"
  • Steve: "I guess it'd make an effective weapon if ya don't mind all ya loot gettin' covered in blood and guts."
  • Chauncey: "Oh man Nich, I'm glad you asked that! Because that's what I was thinking, I just didn't want to say anything."


  • Steve: "Is uh..." Steve eyes up Chauncey and Nym "I always wanted to ask Chauncey this, but, uh...he says he's a dwarf? And he comes from a race of dwarfs? Is that, that necessarily true? 'Cause, uh..."
  • Nichalaus: "Look, Steve, I've heard some strange things. Nym himself thinks he's an elf, um-"
  • Steve: "That's nuts."
  • Nichalaus: "It is nuts."
  • Steve: "Okay, you wanna drill something into some of their heads? Drill the fact that they aren't elves and dwarves. Just, they're not gonna last long in Alaran sayin' that shit."


  • Nichalaus: (quietly) "Does anybody have any ice cream? We could maybe pass some out as a ploy to get past them. Chauncey, this seems like something you'd have on hand."
  • Chauncey: "You think I cream in this jacket?"
  • Nichalaus: "No, an ice cream maker or something, like Chauncey's Fantastic...Cream...Shaver..."
  • Chauncey: "I'll tell you what I DO have. What I do have is..." Chauncey rummages around in his coat for a second "...this single paper-mache ice cream sundae!" (pause) "I said that at full volume didn't I?"


  • Nym: "Well, this degree in Arcane Theory isn't for show"
  • Nichalaus: "Arcane Theory? Where'd you, uh, go? What school?

(a few beats of awkward silence)

  • Nym: "The...the University that you used to teach at."
  • Nichalaus: "Re-really?"
  • Nym: (mutters quietly) "You remember that I'm a student of yours, right?"


  • Thug with magical Cigar: "So, uh, how's being a vampire treating you? that okay? I always kindof wondered myself."
  • Nym: "Y'know life is a bit different"
  • Nichalaus: I slowly look up at the sun in the sky
  • Thug with magical Cigar: (totally oblivious) "Yeah, like, us guys from the Ring of Movement always wonder what it's like to get bitten by a Werewolf. I always wanted to be part of the Werewolf unit, like, they get the best jobs. And, like, three days off on the full moon! That is just great."
  • Chauncey: (makes his move to switch out the cigar)
  • DM Narration: Nym sees a burly, sweaty dwarf creep his hand in and then take the cigar, put another one in its place, silently flash him a thumbs-up, and slink away.
  • Thug with now non-magical Cigar: (continues to be oblivious) "So, uh, you think you can get me in with the Werewolves?"
  • Nym: "...Y'know, I'll see what I can do. I'll pull some strings...I'll get back to you on that."


  • Nichalaus: "Chauncey, can you focus real, real hard about not stealing things?"
  • Chauncey: "On specifically not-stealing things?"
  • Nichalaus: "Yeah, I believe that's what we gotta do."
  • Chauncey: "Okay, hng!" he turns bright red


  • Caspian: takes out his book of eldritch lyrics and begins singing to distract Chauncey
  • Nichalaus: pulls out his pocketwatch and stares at the ticking time
  • Nym: takes out a book
  • Caspian: (singing)
    "Blood! Blood!
    All your relatives are dead!
    Blood! Blood!
    Gonna chop off your head!
    Blood! Blood!
    Don't think about anything bad, except you'll die!
    Don't think about anything or you'll cry!
    Blood! Blood!
    Blood! Blooooooood!"
  • Chauncey: "Y'know Caspian, you are a huge help and asset to this team. All I could think about was slaughtering my family"


  • Chauncey: "Hello kind sirs! We have our entry wristbands here, taking the 2 o'clock tour, please and thank you!"
  • Thug: "I don't think we have a tour at 2 o'clock"
  • Chauncey: "Oh! Well, you do, and I'm the tour guide, let's go!"


  • Bor: (softly says to himself) "You...are a good Paladin! You defend the righteousness of the rich, and defeat the wickedness of the poor!"


  • Bor: (Reading from "Paladining 101" by Chauncey D Filigree, pg 87)
    "'Audit: the means by which the righteous defeat the wicked by acquiring more assets'" Bor closes the book "This is...this is my quest!"


  • Nichalaus: "So, Bor, you happen to know the run of this place - you been here long?"
  • Bor: (uncertainly) "ah, um, maybe?"
  • Nichalaus: "No worries, no worries, no need to get worked up. We're just looking for artifacts, items...we want to move through the list in order of most valuable to least valuable. People are more likely to hide away valuable items so they don't have to pay taxes on them, if you know what we're talking about."
  • Caspian: "Also where there's no guards, 'cause uh, they might...y'know...interfere with our bullshit."
  • Chauncey: "Union workers, am I right?" (laughs)
  • Bor: "I'm not sure about valuable, but I certainly know where the most righteous items are."


  • Nichalaus: "We can deal with Chauncey's shortness and his inability to cope with it later. Right now, we need to..."
  • Caspian: "Audit."
  • Chauncey: "Audit all of this!"
  • Nym: "Yes..."
  • Chauncey: "First things first" Chauncey pulls out a book "None of these fish have any documentation in the ledger I was given." The book is completely blank. It's not a lie.


  • Thug: "You come down here and you try to take things from the Ring of Movement, well, you're not ever leaving."
  • Caspian: "Maybe I didn't want to, huh? You're not the boss of me."
  • Thug: "Oh, so you're saying you don't even want any of our stuff now."
  • Caspian: "Nah. I walk my own path."
  • Thug: "Oh, you're too good for this goddamn vase?" He holds the vase up "You're too good for this!?"
  • Caspian: "That's right." I slap it out of his hands.
  • Thug: "Oh! Well!" He turns over. He holds up a priceless miniature of a tiefling. "Well I bet you're too good for this!" He hands it to Caspian.
  • Caspian: "Yeah! I wouldn't pick my teeth with it!" Caspian bites it in half.
  • Thug: "Well. Boys, looks like we got ourselves a BADASS over here!"


  • DM Narration: This pair of thugs in particular has managed to completely upend the wine rack. It's dumped all over them - they're saturated in alcohol. The sleep spell goes off and it looks like they've merely partied themselves to sleep! Right in front of Bor!
  • Bor: Bor's eyes grow wide and his pupils get pinpoint "That...was the comPANY'S MERCHANDISE!" And he starts charging them.


  • Bor: "Oh, right. I gotta sound cool, like a Paladin." He stands over the prone guys again [holding his club]. "You know why they call this The Accountant? Because it crunches numbers. AND BONES!"


  • Jay (DM): First of all, you're a man flying through the air attached to a floating topiary by one hand, you're partially emerging from the shrubbery, and you whip out some BLING to try to wow him?


  • Bor: "Hi. I'm a paladin. And you're pala-done."


  • Faust (Nichalaus): Boy, I sure am glad that we have an everturning globe and an object that increases in size by the second.


  • DM Narration: You reach down in an attempt to grab the guard's body. Your hand flies down: wearing the gauntlet it slams into the man with a barrier of invisible force! The body is liquidated around you! You put on a Gauntlet of Unbelievable Force on top of a stocking of unbelievable speed.


  • DM Narration: It's a wig, for you.
  • Caspian: Oh. I'm gonna put it on. Helps my disguise.
  • DM Narration: You put the wig on, it immediately begins to grow, expands all around, it gives you a full beard.


  • Nichalaus: "I think that little tuft of fuzz on your face is clashing, maybe you should get rid of it?"
  • Caspian: "I have a full beard now. Full. Beard."
  • Faust (Nichalaus): Does he?
  • Jay (DM): Yeah, he does. It's also hanging below the soul patch.


  • Bor: "Well, there's three options: We can get into the elevator, we'll be fine. We can seal ourselves into one of the containers over here. Or we can endure it."
  • Nichalaus: "I don't think enduring it is an option, where are the containers?"
  • Bor: (disappointed) "Aww..."


  • Bor: "I know we're auditing all this stuff, but are you sure it's okay for us to be using it? I mean I don't really have the clearance to do this..."

(everyone begins talking over each other)

  • Nym: "You have the clearance now!"
  • Caspian: "That's how auditing works. It's civil forfeiture. We just take it, use it, kill these guys."
  • Nichalaus: "If you're not comfortable using it Bor, I can always take care of it for you."
  • Bor: (sensing the lies due to his boon) Yeah...Bor's feeling a lot of tingling going on now.


  • Nichalaus: "Bor if you wouldn't mind, take a crack at them." I motion at The Accountant with the glove on it.
  • Guards: "no No NO NO NO NO NO!" They all raise their hands.
  • Bor:"Paladins cannot be swayed by the wicked."
  • Faust (Nichalaus): In response to them or Nich?
  • Squee (Bor): No, no, no, to THEM. (he raises his club) "...Time...for some Accounting."


  • "100% Real Markus Velafi": "Hey there! Markus Velafi here!"
  • Nym: "Markus, I don't know what to do. Help!"
  • "100% Real Markus Velafi": "You'll have to phrase that in the form of a question."
  • Nym: "What do I do in this situation?"
  • "100% Real Markus Velafi": "What would you do? Probably call for help."
  • Nym: And he disappears.


  • DM Narration: Completely caught off guard they turn around. They thought you were their friends! But, y'know, Alarani are used to betrayal.


  • DM Narration: The next manages to swing and...trips and falls headfirst into the buckler. He flies out behind you. The NEXT comes in, taking another swing. Seeing his friend's mistake he does a FLYING LEAP into the buckler!


  • DM Narration: Nich, you start to fade. You see the Burly see the other side for a moment, you see the Alarani realm of death. Held up by two gigantic flexing individuals...An individual has a hammock set up between the two of them. She appraises you, stares for a second, waves her hand, and your save versus death succeeds.
  • Nichalaus: "Did I just...was I not good enough to be dead?"


  • Basic Dungeon World rules: Roll two 6-sided die and add a modifier for relevant skill. Anything above a 10 is a success, 7-9 is a success but with downfalls (the nature of which can be influenced by the players), and 6 or below is a failure.
  • This is the second Livestream to take place in the Thrilling Intent universe, following the SPELL Livestream. All events are considered canon unless directly contradicted by the main series or future streams.
  • Two of the bottles that Chauncey pulled off the wine rack were a bottle of Fog-apple Extract and a fizzing bottle of Keer.
  • Jay (DM) on the Vault of Wonders: "Imagine an RPG. Your character goes around and gathers all the best gear in the game. By the end of it they're a walking arsenal if you don't sell this shit. The Vault of Wonders is that RPG character. There is one sorcerer who makes it his business to collect every artifact in the world. The thing is, people break into the vault and distribute that stuff like nuts, so there's a constant turnover of magical artifacts in the world because one guy keeps buying them, and everyone else keeps stealing them. The reason they're kept in chests and etcetera around the world is...there are people dedicated to hiding the shit from him, who will go into dangerous spots and put it where people will never theoretically find it. You know who finds it? Adventurers. Who find dangerous spots and go 'just great, I'm gonna look exactly there'. It's a vicious cycle that repeats itself endlessly." [4:01:54]

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