Dont is a spiritfolk NPC from the Shrouded Isles. She lives in the Spiritfolk village on Ishir.


Dont l

Dont pigbat

First Appearance "Behold the Humblecow"
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations The Shrouded Isles, Spiritfolk
Race Spiritfolk, Pigbat
Class Unknown
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

History Edit

Little is known about Dont's past. At one point she teleported herself (inside a box) from the Citadel of Clouds to the Shrouded Isles. Her name has to do with her exile from the Sea of Clouds.

Appearance Edit

Dont has two forms. Her first is humanoid, with pointed ears and a long brown tail, and wide green slitted eyes. Her hair is a dark brown, cut in a bob, and her skin is dark, with a reddish tinge.

She wears a red top that barely reaches her midriff as well as brown pants, the knees of which are a darker shade. She also wears an oversized tan hoodie with darker parts on the sleeves and bottom of the hoodie, and red drawstrings.

Her natural form is that of a pigbat - a pig with bat wings.

Personality Edit

Cheerful, bubbly, and somewhat flighty, Dont is regarded by Kyl'il as childlike and in need of supervision, but Dont takes herself quite seriously and has shown herself to be assertive and proud. Though friendly to those she trusts, her values and customs differ from the average human's, evidenced when she attempted to politely sacrifice Markus, Gregor and Ashe to her queen[1].

Like many pigbats, she loves baking, and since Markus hypnotized her into thinking she's a cat she also has a fondness for yarn.

Abilities Edit

Dont has shown some magical capacity. She is able to teleport those other than herself, though they end up covered in cuts and bruises in the process. With Kyl'il's help she was able to open a cloud gate, a dimensional hole through space, between Ishir and Kinir.

She thinks highly of her own abilities, surprised that Markus could "meddle her mind" that much, though it is unknown how powerful she actually is.

Dont can change between her pigbat and humanoid forms at will.

Relationships Edit

Gregor Edit

Gregor was initially suspicious of Dont, but warmed to her once he decided that she was a nice person and not a monster. Dont was the one to rally for him before the final battle with Charoth, declaring him "super cool" for saving her from the corrupted spirits. Gregor finds the pigbat irresistibly cute, speaks about her with great affection and enjoys cuddling her porcine form. Dont originally protested this handling but has since given up. It's been implied that she regards Gregor as "very stupid," but she seems to think well of him nonetheless.

Kyr Edit

Dont and Kyr appear to have a long-standing rivalry. When asked about him by the main group, she stated that he was "like an angry dog, but much louder." [citation needed] Though usually quiet and cheerful, she's sworn angrily at him in the past [citation needed]. He seems to hold her in a similar regard, punting her back through the cloud gate before entering the Prison of Lights. [citation needed] [expand later]

Trivia Edit

  • Fae drew her pigbat form. [citation needed, check first stream?]
  • Her name comes from someone naming her humanoid pog "Dont" as they didn't agree with its inclusion. [same]
  • "There are no catgirls in Thrilling Intent, only batgirls, scree!" [cite jackson/email]
  • She also speaks pigbat, a language comprised of pig-like squealing.
  • She bakes, saying in the Tax Day special she had baked money into one of her pies in order to hide it, and thus was transported into the eldritch wilds by the Tax Goat

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References Edit

  1. Vault Episode: "Porkwinter"