Divine magic is a type of magic within the world of Thrilling Intent.

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Spiritfolk magic Edit

Whether various spiritfolk's abilities necessarily count as magic (as opposed to or also counting as racial abilities) seems unclear. Some spirits possess the ability to shapeshift, or to fly despite the lack of physical capability to do so.

Their magic seems to be tied to their domains - for instance, Kyl'il, as a spirit of light and fire, can create fire and form the Lantern of the Shrouds, and Telvillian can cause growth in an area as a spirit of nature.

The ability to reincarnate may also be considered a form of spiritfolk magic - Tiller specifies that the creation of life is "the business of all divine magic".

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Filigree Edit

Filigree is the art of creating golems.

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While spells in and of themselves are numerous, ones of particular note or exceptionalism will be recorded here. Otherwise, they can be found on the pages of their casters or the general spell page.

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  • Colfus, as he is a golem-maker, practices the art of filigree.
  • Horaven has shown the ability of channeling various Spiritfolk to use their powers.

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