Deck of Disaster
First EP "Deck of Disaster Part 1"
Last EP "Deck of Disaster Part 4"
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Kier, Thog, Rat

Deck of Disaster is the seventh storyline arc of Thrilling Intent.

Plot Summary Edit

Thog kicks Aesling, Markus, Gregor, and Kier out of their newly acquired bar in the Shrouded Isles in order to finish repairs without them getting in the way. They encounter shortly two rats carrying a chair, which Markus promptly sits on and is carried away. The rats carry Markus to the abandoned brothel, where the group discovers a collector of ancient and powerful artifacts has taken up residence.

Giving himself no further name than Rat, he commissions the group to repossess a magic deck of cards, the Deck of Disaster, that was stolen from him. Luckily, Rat still owned had some of the cards, which could be used to locate the others. Unfortunately, in order to use this ability, each member of the party had to read aloud one card and live with its effects until the others were found.

They quickly find the man who stole the other cards on one of the nearby islands. The man is able to quickly flee however, and the group pursues him to the Isle of Peros, only to discover the man had already fled to another island after beating up some thugs. They are able to take a boat to the ship the man is on, and after some exploring, finally confront him. Markus eventually lands the finishing blow, and the group collectively decides to burn the cards.

Deck of Disaster
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