First Appearance "Wizard High School Part 4"
Alias Colvin
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliations Coven of Dusk, Onorhant, Nine Shrines Adventure Agency
Race Human
Class Sorcerer
Eye Colour Gold
Hair Colour Dark brown
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Athos Colvin Jun (better known simply as Colvin) is an NPC from the Wizard High School arc.

History Edit

Little is known about Colvin's past other than that he is from Onorhant. At one point in his past, before he was able to use his sorcery, message, he joined the Runecarvers' Guild.

Later, he eventually ended up working for the Coven of Dusk.

Currently, he is working at Nine Shrines Adventure Agency as a bouncer.

Wizard High School Edit

Colvin is first mentioned in the first episode of Wizard High School as the sorcerer that stole Inien's 4.4 million gold and Legen's Eye out of the vault of the Runecarver's Guild.

The group first comes across him in part 4, at the top of the wizard tower, guarding the teleporter. He mentions that he took the money and artifact after "comparing the ideals of the leader of the Runecarver's Guild and ideals of the leader of the Coven of Dusk."

Though Ashe attempts to reason with him, the group still ends up fighting him after he recalls that he was assigned to guard the room of the tower. He easily beats the group in one-on-one combat, and is only defeated after the gang works together and Ashe shoots him in the leg with Thog's gun. After they almost throw him off the tower a second time, he ultimately admits defeat and Ashe heals his wound.

The password to his teleporter is, "the truth".

Colvin later encounters Markus and Gregor after they get caught in a trap, and talks with them in a friendly manner. He ends up leading them to "Space Camp" as they decide to continue their mission without their lost companions. He has a love of Space Camp and is crushed when he finds out it's all been a lie and is, in fact, a prison.

After presenting them to his master, Colvin expressed his own ideas of how Legen's Eye could be used and implemented in a 5-point plan.

He then "betrays" the group at his master's request, with the belief that his winning will allow him to retain the artifact and enact his plan, as his beliefs are stronger. He and the group fight again, where he easily knocks Markus over and begins fighting with Gregor.

When he finds out that "Horatio Protagonist" is actually Markus Velafi, he's surprised and asks for an autograph - Markus charges the book and it explodes. He then uses Message to send for the interns.

After Max is defeated, Colvin surrenders, and voices concern at Ashe locking him in a chest.

He later takes them to the very top of the wizard tower, where Legen's Eye is, through use of teleportation with Message. He throws his Space Camp badge into the ocean mournfully and declares his dreams dead.

Colvin helps the gang take Legen's Eye off its pedestal while the gang fights around him. Once the artifact exploded, it was uncertain what happened to him.

The Greaster Episode Edit

Last Call Edit

While visit in The Nine Shrines Adventure Agency he ordered their strongest drink which was Markus's special the "Velafi Twister" which is made of 3 kinds of strait up barrel brewed grain alcohol. Colvin drank it all in one go which cause him to stumble back and break into a cold sweat. He was nearly knocked out by the drink but his training allowed him to force himself awake. He then ordered a second which shocked Markus since no one had ordered two "Velafi Twister" in a row. Gregor noted that customers were mainly too unconscious to order a second. After explaining how he warded off the effects of the drink Markus told him he was the coolest person he has ever meet.

It was later reviled that he dislikes poetry saying it is "A gross misappropriation. Every bit of language is poetry, especially when you're on the path." Markus, who was serving him drinks, openly admits he believes that would make great poetry by its self. Aesling and Markus quickly agreed that Colvin is a natural poet.

Aesling asks him if he has written any books, which Colvin denies by saying "HA. Written any books? No, I've merely recorded my thoughts and had them published," which cause Aesling and Markus to agree that what Colvin means to say is that he has published several books. Although Colvin quickly argues this fact by saying that books are qualified by the process of editing while he remains un-edited. Once again Markus interprets this as having the opposite meaning, saying Colvin means he edits himself and that he's not good at it.

When he thought Aesling was being racist to Markus about being a Tiefling he became upset and offended (she was actual judging Markus based on things she knew about him personally). He then pondered deeply if racism was something people learned or had from birth. After a word from Gregor about how since they only knew one Tiefling (Markus himself) they only had his action to judge what other Tieflings would be like but added "But not in a racist way." Colvin quite enjoyed this new line of thought, naming it "Gregor's Raven". Colvin then apologized for "Busting out my bias immediately", claiming he might be racist against racists. Markus and Aesling tried to tell him that was alright and that people don't mind about that. Colvin quickly responded with how he minded since he would have missed out on "some beautiful truth." After a quick back and forth with Aesling how "racists are not a race" and how that statement is racist, Markus declares Colvin drunk.

After Markus went to sleep on the bar Colvin tried his hand at bar tending and was very good at it. Quickly making and serving Aesling and Gregor drinks before they ordered them. Then quickly serving a Imp with a rugged beard a "double" with in a few seconds of the imp ordering it. He believed his customers happiness was more important then any money lost or gained which made Aesling a little upset.

The Gods are Gone Edit

Appearance Edit

Colvin has dark hair and an amber eye. His other eye is always covered by a long strip of blue fabric. His hands are in bandages, perhaps due to the fact that he punches so much.

Personality Edit

"Kind of an idiot but weirdly sharp sometimes"[1] "always to the punching if you leave it up to him"[2] He is also easily disarmed, as shown when Markus asks to see his horse stance.

it is easy to convince Colvin to do a great many things, as long as it doesn't go against his own morals, by "Finding the exact correct right word to get Colvin to do a thing you want him to do." Markus failed to get Colvin to part a large amount of mystical mist three times because he could not find the right word. His attempts included telling him to punch it, which Colvin laughed at, wondering how he would punch mist; fan it away, which Colvin said was an incorrect term for the situation; and to waft it away which Colvin decided the root of the word "waft" was tricky. Gregor then got Colvin to walk through the mystical mist by telling Colvin to "Come over here." The mist caused Colvin to start to choke after a few steps, until he swatted the mist away. Disregarding the death mist, Colvin cleared it easily before walking to Gregor and calmly asking what he wanted to see him about.

As is the case with most Onorhians, he shows great interest in truth and ideals.

As seen in Last Call episode 2 he was fairly shocked and offended when he believed Aesling to be a racist.

He has shown anger or at least got hyped up in protest over Firi getting the syllable count wrong on her haiku.

According to Jay, Colvin is very eager to find connections to seemingly unrelated things; this is prevalent in the synthesis sections of his books.

Abilities Edit

Colvin has shown to have quite a bit of combat prowess - he shows exceptional skill in hand-to-hand combat. He breaks Markus's arm with ease, and almost punches his nose off. He also has the strength to pull up an enlarged Gregor as he was about to fall off a platform.

He also has the ability to cast the lone spell, Message. In Inien's words, "obnoxiously, it seems to do everything", including carry actual messages and allow teleportation. [3] He once even used Message to punch all the alcohol out of a bottle of unmarked booze, calling it the new "Colvin Special" which he claimed was "Non-alcoholic alcohol. The strongest of drinks. WATER." It was quickly confirmed by Gregor that it was indeed now water.

During the second art livestream, Jay explained how Colvin's message worked - as a sorcery, it's his way of communicating to the world and it listening. His explanation for casting a fireball would be "I told the fire to be hot", and other spells would work along similar lines.[4]

A demonstration of Colvin's incredible feats of strength include him punching Xin and dealing actual physical damage, something that even most of the main cast, save Markus Velafi, were incapable of doing without getting harmed by the Spiritfolk of reincarnation.

Relationships Edit

Inien Edit

Though it's unclear how the two know each other, Inien has stated that they were childhood friends. They also worked in the Runecarver's Guild together, and Inien is Colvin's editor. It's hard to say how the two feel about each other, as Colvin stole millions of gold pieces from her, and she expresses some amount of jealousy in regard to his Message.

Gregor Edit

Markus Edit

When Markus first meets him as Horatio Protagonist, he quickly states that Colvin is "an idiot". He also owns a copy of Aesling the Throat Stabber and refers to Kyr and Markus, the authors, as "geniuses".[5] He also later states that he respects Horatio's spirit after their 5-second fight.[6]

When he encounters Markus again later, he is happily willing to show him and Gregor through the compound to the Cult Leader.

After fighting out that "Horatio Protagoniste" is, in fact, Markus Velafi, he asks for an autograph, though it literally blows up in his face as it's in the middle of a fight.

Trivia Edit

  • Colvin's appearance is "a parody of [Fae]".[7]
  • He was inspired by a mixture of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Raiden, from Metal Gear Rising.[8]
  • Colvin first appeared from a short story written by Jay, which also featured Inien. [cite podcast]
  • His first and last names are both reference to psychological terms - "Athos" comes from "Ethos", a Greek term that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology,[9] while Jungian psychology "emphasizes the primary importance of the individual psyche and the personal quest for wholeness".[10]
  • Colvin is very good at bar tending, almost instantly getting praise from Gregor and Ashe the first time he tried it. He even got them drinks before they asked for them and placed the drinks in front of them before they noticed.
    • He also quickly made a Imp with a rugged beard a "double" with in a few seconds of the Imp asking which earned Colvin a respectful nod and a tip (in the form of an Imp's handful of baked beans).
      • Colvin admitted he thinks he would not be able to beat said Imp in a one on one fight.
  • After talking about how writing evolves as the years go by Colvin said the word "Butt" used to be spelt with a "Z". Aesling immediately said she did not believe him while Gregor and Markus snickered. Colvin merely said "I know. The truth is hard to bear sometimes."
  • Colvin has published many incredibly well written informational books up until the synthesis section, which contains incredibly offensive conclusions - such as concluding that staff fighting originated in a rebellion involving alcohol and that all staff fighters are alcoholics. Or in his book on The Domains of Magic where he explained how a person's branch of magic was tied right down to a persons eating habits, culture and race.
  • Colvin once claimed that the best part of losing an eye is that that was the eye he cried from.[11]
  • Colvin will have a minor cameo as a background character in the upcoming game Indivisible.

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