First Appearance "Your Party Won't Stop? We can help."
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Altreia, The Varyndir Order
Race Human
Class Paladin
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Gray
Age 30 (approximately)
Birthday Unknown

Colfus is a side character in The Adventure Began. He is a paladin of The Varyndir Order and helps the main trio find the head of Varyndir.

History Edit

Colfus' origins are unknown, but he seems to be the only remaining Altreian paladin apart from Captain Aftin. He is quite invested in the history of Altreia and particularly golemancy, focusing on the Silk Age.

The Adventure Began Edit

Colfus first met Markus in the dungeon where Varyndir was hidden. He joined the group after Ashe healed him, as he also sought the head to stop Aftin from pulling any more money out of the Altreian government.

Upon its return to the paladins, he stayed in Fort Vilebrand, saying he'd reinstate the Order there eventually. He repaired Sir Dunstan in the meantime. He also aided the trio in getting Gregor to the Aeos farm and was last seen alongside Sir Dunstan, fighting off the incapacitated huge golem.

Big War Edit

Colfus joins the Markus Velafi's Conga Line For Peace in exchange for a new home. His house is then dismantled by the golems.

Personality Edit

Colfus has a reasonable, feet-on-the-ground sort of personality. He seems to be morally on the Lawful side, as most of his reasoning for trying to get the head of Varyndir was simply to, as he put it, 'put an end to this madness'.

He also seems very educated, especially on the subject of golemancy and is fascinated by Silk Age golems.

Thanks to him being a voice of reason, him and Ashe developed a friendship of sorts (which Ashe, upon leaving Altreia, realised she left for Markus and Gregor of all people).

Trivia Edit

  • Colfus has a golem, which he used his right hand's pinky to make.