Spell characters by framedodge-d8vm89y

First Appearance SPELL Livestream
Alias Cereal, Shrill
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Z-Wing, The World Government
Race Human
Class Speaker
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark blue
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Chriel is a member of the Z-Wing Squad and appeared in the SPELL Livestream. She is played by Matt.

History Edit

Chriel's father is a blacksmith, and she inherited his love of the trade.

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Rev Time:a permanent spell- allows her to rev her sword like an engine, supercharging it. Also allows her to speed up time

Size up: Made into a permanent spell- Increases the size of an object.

Dwell Only On: a permanent spell-allows her to focus intently on one object

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Trivia Edit

  • Her sword is named Francibald
  • Her grandfather's name is Bandrack

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