This is an archive of information regarding canon/noncanon or separate campaigns (see Ryuutama) livestreams hosted by The Third Wheel.

A variety of guests often join in on the shenanigans.

"TI Universe" Livestreams
Dungeon World - SPELL - Tension - Tension x SPELL - Tension II: The Dread Ziggurat of Ba'alberith
"Anime Universe" Livestreams
TENRA BANSHO ZERO: The Book of A Thousand Destinies - TENRA BANSHO ZERO: Tournament City - TENRA BANSHO ZERO: Heavens Gate Breakers - Ryuutama: WITH COOL FRIENDS! - Ryuutama: Cloudly Wanderers - Golden Sky Stories: Festival of Three Villages - Golden Sky Stories: Riverboat Runaways - Golden Sky Stories: The Bookbinders - Ryuutama: Start of an Adventure! - Ryuutama: Golden Sky - Ryuutama: Cat at the Crossroads
One Off Livestreams
Fiasco - Monster of the Week - Galacticosmic - Tears of A Machine - Delta Green - Red Markets - Pokemon Tabletop - Upwind - SPELL - Corporate Wizardry - Shadowrun Fifth Edition - Postmodern Youtube Magic