Captain Aftin


First Appearance "Message in a Bottle Episode"
Alias None
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Altreia, The Varyndir Order, Alaran
Race Human
Class Paladin
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Captain Aftin is a side character in The Adventure Began, the current leader of The Varyndir Order and the king of Altreia.

History Edit

As leader of the Order, Captain Aftin was tasked with finding the head of Varyndir. Upon finding it, however, he seals the dungeon it was placed in and decieves the Altreian government to keep recieving gold from them for the holy quest. He began buying slaves from Alaran to enlist as apprentices as well, the main trio among them.

The Adventure Began Edit

Aftin reveals this secret to the three after they pass the initiating test and enter Fort Vilebrand. When they bring the head to the Order, he gets upset, but teleports to Altreia's capital anyway along with all the other paladins except Colfus.

He was picked as king by Varyndir.

It is implied he was deposed (and possibly killed) in the golem coup that followed his ascension to the throne.

Personality Edit

Captain Aftin, being intoxicated constantly (according to Instructor Tiller), is quite clearly a drunk, which may have been his motive for lying to the Altreian authorities. It could have been the other way around - perhaps he was once a capable paladin, turned corrupt by the temptation of what he calls 'partying forever'.

He often slurs his words and doesn't seem to remember things very well due to his state of permanent inebriation. He could be described as amiable and approchable as well thanks to that. He prefers not to solve any problems that don't directly affect him, as evidenced by his lax approach about the rabid golems in Doonlayan.