First Appearance "Message in a Bottle Episode"
Alias Ruddy, The talkative one
Alignment Unknown
Affiliations Altreia, The Varyndir Order, Golems
Race Golem
Class Unknown
Eye Colour None
Hair Colour None
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown

Buddy (also referred to as Ruddy by Markus) is a golem created by Captain Aftin and a side character in The Adventure Began.

History Edit

Buddy was created as a guard for Captain Aftin and presumably accompanied him wherever he travelled. It was present when the paladins sealed off Varyndir's resting place.

The Adventure Began Edit

Buddy first meets the main trio in the Alaran prison, where it is also first shown it can talk. When the group finds out the paladins are putting off finishing the quest deliberately, Buddy helps them get to Varyndir and retrieve its head. It leaves Fort Vilebrand to destination unknown after the paladins teleport to the Altreian capital along with Varyndir.

Personality Edit

Since it's unusual (and discouraged) for a golem to have emotions after the Silk Age, Buddy's demeanor starts off as stoic and detached. It is referred to as 'the talkative one' by Captain Aftin himself - the same person also notes that golems don't usually even speak.

It is revealed it does in fact experience emotion, especially upon finding Varyndir. Buddy expresses great distress over the fact the paladins simply left the head in a bucket and appears to be extremely concerned about its safety. This could be understood, since Varyndir, being the progenitor golem, could be taken for a sort of parent to all golems in Altreia.

Its storming out of Fort Vilebrand while exclaiming it's sick of humans is rather ironic, as this behavior could very well be described as intrinsically human in nature.

Abilities Edit

Buddy doesn't have any special abilities apart from its super-strength, which appears to be normal for all golems.