A Ban mask is a mask worn by a member of the Ban. They are usually animalistic in form. They also prevent whomever is wearing them from speaking.

Currently known Ban Masks: Edit

  • Boar mask
  • Iguana mask
  • Bat mask (Batty's mask)
  • Lion mask (Horaven's mask)
  • Wolf mask (Ashe's mask)
  • Fox mask
  • Crane mask
  • Monkey mask
  • Owl mask
  • Snake mask

Trivia Edit

  • Ashe's mask is the only Ban mask that allows the user to speak, as it was 'incomplete' when given to her and had not been enchanted with the magic that stops users from talking.
  • Batty, Iggy and Foxy were given their names by Ashe because of the Ban masks they wear, which are a Bat, Iguana and Fox respectfully.

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