Arcane magic is a type of magic within the world of Thrilling Intent.

History Edit

Ages Edit

Golden Age Edit

Supposedly a time where magic was able to be used by anyone, and it could be used without any incantations. Eventually an unknown Cataclysm occurred that severely weakened the presence of magic, leaving only a small fraction of the population with magic.This lead to the rise of 'The Exceptionalists', a group of fascist mages that attempted to take control.

Bronze Age Edit

An age of witch hunts that lasted for at least 100 years, proceeded the fall of 'The Exceptionalists' rule by their subjects.

Tin Age Edit

The Age of Magic the series currently takes place in. Magic is still viewed with suspicion, and much of the old knowledge was lost.

Branches Edit

Binding Edit

Binding is the ceremonial magic of trapping a spirit inside a living being, allowing the spirit to share their magic with its host. On humans, the bindings are tattoo patterns imprinted onto the skin, and can be 'broken' at the users will. However, this comes at the risk of the human side of the user to erode away with each use, leaving them feeling 'empty'. The only person to have Bindings thus far is Aesling

Sorcery Edit

Sorcery is a magic branch of a few specific High-ranking wizard that gains an unlimited use of a set of spells or one specific spell. Currently known Sorcerers include Markus Velafi and Colvin

Metamagic Edit

Meta magic is the alteration of magic spells to do something slightly different. Such as casting enlarge person on a specific area of the body. So far Inien is the only person seen who is able to preform it.

Wild magic Edit

Wild magic is a specific branch of arcane magic that involves a tiefling, specifically an awakened tiefling, to use their demonic soul and let this power "run wild" to conjure up a random affect. This type of Arcane Magic has only been seen in Markus Velafi currently.

Notable use Edit

Spells Edit

While spells in and of themselves are numerous, ones of particular note or exceptionalism will be recorded here. Otherwise, they can be found on the pages of their casters or the general spell page.

Iconoclasm Edit

Iconoclasm is a specific spell that when used, "removes a spirit from the cycle of rebirth, killing them absolutely." As far as is known, this spell is the only way for a human to fully kill a spiritfolk.

Notable users Edit

References Edit

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