"Two Down, One to Go"
Storyline Arc The Adventure Began
Number of EP 10
Date of Release Feb 12, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Aesling, Markus, Buddy, Colfus, Varyndir, Sir Dunstan, Captain Aftin, Instructor Tiller
Location Altreia

"Two Down, One to Go" is the sixth episode of The Adventure Began. The group fights Sir Dunstan successfully and returns the head of Varyndir to The Varyndir Order, who teleport to the capital of Altreia. However, Gregor is gravely wounded and Markus has to recover from the aftereffects of the Aeos potions.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Now locked in combat, Sir Dunstan takes the initiative, running up to Ashe, Gregor and Colfus and swinging his - multiple - arms with swords at them. Ashe manages to dodge and Gregor parries his attacks, however, Colfus is knocked to the ground.

Markus first throws an imp at the golem, telling it to lock up one of his mechanisms, but after it gets crushed inside, he sends an Eldritch Blast at him. It's not very effective, as the golem's armour simply vibrates with power, particularly the shoulder pads. Ashe runs a guidance through Gregor, advising him to go for said pauldrons. He pries them off of the golem with his glaive successfully, but he drops his guard and turns to Ashe.

Sir Dunstan takes the opportunity, slicing through Gregor's shoulder all the way to his chest. Colfus interrupts and steps in between the two, shielding Gregor with his golem's arm. Ashe pulls him away Markus, seeing this is an emergency, drinks all the Aeos potions he has on him.

He creates some sort of dark, shadowy ball of energy, which he places on Sir Dunstan's armour. It turns out to be unstable matter that changes form extremely quickly, turning into many different things and forcing the golem to split in this way.

Ashe points out they need to get out of the dungeon so that she can treat Gregor's wound better, as the charge she ran through it didn't help much. Varyndir rejoices at the victory over Sir Dunstan and says they should have no trouble with 'the other General golems'. Buddy informs them that there are indeed more golems on the way and Ashe hurriedly asks Colfus for help with carrying Gregor - Markus is carried by Buddy.

They run out of the room, passing another General golem. They give chase. As the six run through the trapped rooms, Ashe activates them to stall the golems, except the darts, which are promptly activated by Markus instead. Buddy throws Markus along with Varyndir's head out of the chasm, the rest of the group simply climbing out of it. They make for Fort Vilebrand.

When they arrive, the paladins are still drinking. Captain Aftin is shocked and upset to see the head and decides to teleport himself and the other paladins away. Ashe yanks Markus away from them, but leaves Varyndir to teleport as well, assuming the golems are chasing after it and not the group itself. Colfus says it'll at least allow them to reinstate the Order.

Buddy, exclaiming it's sick of humans, stomps away despite Ashe's pleas to stay and help them fend off the General golems should they arrive. However, it meets the General golems outside and tells them the head is now in the capital, which sends them away to chase it.

Ashe and Colfus are relieved, Markus falls asleep. Gregor loses consciousness and is placed on a table by Ashe, so his wounds don't get any worse. She then sits on a chair and despairs, head in her hands.

Trivia Edit

  • Buddy shows a great amount of emotion in this episode, proving it was perhaps only trying to be stoic, as golems that show emotion are considered defunct.

Quotes Edit

  • Ashe: Deeper terror paints over my expression and I shout at Markus: "I CAN'T CARRY BOTH OF YOU BACK!"

  • GM: It appears to be a black hole, eating away at all matter. Until it rapidly changes form, first turning into a cat, then a bear, then a sign, then a tree, then another golem. The ball rapidly expands outwards, forcing the golem apart. Its rapidly changing state finally devolves, splitting into a million plastic balls. They slide across the floor, then melt, converting into different kinds of jelly.
  • Gregor: "..I think I'm hallucinating."

  • Ashe: "Keep going, keep going!"
  • Gregor: bleeding out "Was I..always this red on the inside..?"

  • Colfus: "And now, Aftin, you fraud, you have a bunch of Silk Age golems - that are wonderful, by the way - coming to kill you. So uh, yeah, enjoy that."

  • Ashe: to Colfus "Is it safe to assume that the golems aren't after us so much as they're after Varyndir?"
  • Colfus: "I certainly hope so!"

  • Gregor: bleeding out, mumbling "Well, technically, we're not humans..according to"
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