"The Keys to Victory"
Storyline Arc The Prison of Lights (arc)
Number of EP 29
Date of Release Jul 1, 2014
Appearing characters Gregor, Markus, Aesling, Kier
Location Prison of Lights

"The Keys to Victory" is the sixth and final episode of The Prison of Lights (arc). The four retrieve the key and narrowly escape both the imprisoned spiritfolk and the Prison of Lights itself.

Plot Synopsis Edit

Kier and Gregor bring some broken end tables as fuel for the furnace and the coal gets to work. After Markus brings the newly forged lightstone key, the group briefly discusses what to do with the other metal ingots.

Kier says they could use them to repair the golem near the acid pool, with which the others agree, since they figure the last key is in the acid. After the new arm and leg are forged, Ashe says she'd like to cremate the corrupted spiritfolk she killed. Gregor tells Buddy to burn the corpse and they leave, heading to the room with the golem.

They cross the main hallway without issue. Gregor and Kier repair the golem and move it to the acid pool. It dives into the pool when Gregor tells it to get the key. The group suddenly hears the shadow monster in the distance. Ashe and Markus hide in the corridor between the golem room and acid pool room. Kier and Gregor stay near the pool as the golem surfaces occasionally, throwing out various objects from the pool.

They all hear the monster moving around in the main hallway. The golem finally finds the key, reaching up with its other hand as well, as if asking for help in getting out of the vat. Markus helps it out. Its metal body clangs on the floor loudly and the group realises they have to run.

Ashe picks Markus up; they all sprint back across the hallway. They can see the monster at one of its ends, unnatural darkness racing towards them and nigh enveloping them completely. Only the Light of Shrouds stops it. They go through the door, running on, the relentless dark pursuing them.

The four manage to get to the door and unlock it. They run up a flight of stairs to an elevated platform with a barriered gate and two circles, which should dispel the barrier. The circles are on separate pathways and there is quite a gap between them and the main platform. Markus runs to the left one, Ashe to the right. They manage to remove the barrier successfully, but the darkness catches up to them, as Gregor and the Light of Shrouds are in front of the gate along with Kier.

The monster itself nears Ashe and she leaps to the main platform in a panic. Seeing that she doesn't have enough momentum to cross the gap, Gregor jumps towards her, the Light scaring the monster off. They run back to the gate.

The creature scurries off, heading to Markus. He jumps, casting Gust of Wind, and with Kier's help, manages to get across. Gregor and Ashe arrive at the gate shortly afterwards. The monster howls behind the group and they run through the gate, finally ascending up from the horror of the Prison.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • Gregor: "I just don't want to rule out the possibility of another glaive."

  • Ashe: "Markus, remember; magic current running through the acid. Can't disable the current."
  • Markus: "I know, I know. I just wanted to seem cool."

  • GM: Kier launches into a complex explanation of all the moving parts of the golem's arm.
  • Gregor: Gregor repeats them...maybe.

  • GM: Kier slams through the table.
  • Ashe: ..I follow through the Kier-hole.

  • Kier: "I didn't know you could fly!"
  • Markus: "Only occasionally. And only when it really counts."

  • Ashe: "Markus! How did you get across?"
  • the monster screams in the background
  • Gregor: "Who cares!"
The Prison of Lights (arc)
"The Prison of Lights" - "The Shadow Beyond the Door" - "The Dungeon Whisperer" - "Adventure Averted" - "Out of the Furnace and Away from the Fire" - "The Keys to Victory"

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